10 Years After – 228


That was interesting.

The fact that the great wind dragon Kathe couldn’t tell it was a magic tool meant that most people wouldn’t have been able to tell either.

So only very powerful sorcerers would be able to see through the concealment magic. Why go to such lengths?


I thought about this hard, and came to a certain conclusion.

But before I explained it, I decided to ask Shia, Grulf, and Nia a question.


“Shia, Grulf and Nia. What does this magic tool smell like?”

“While it is very faint, it does smell like vampires.”


“It does smell a little.”

“Had it been you guys that took care of the corpses, when would you have noticed it?”

“I think it would be after we finished everything and did a last check just in case.”

“I see…”


It was something that the lesser vampires had brought into the beastkin settlement.

The enemy must have considered the possibility that the beastkin would smell it.


“So, did they want to hide the fact that it was a magic tool by just allowing you to know it was a Fool’s Stone by the smell?”

“I don’t really know. What would be the point in doing that?”

“There isn’t. It doesn’t matter if it’s a magic tool or not. A Fool’s Stone would be studied carefully.”

“That’s true. Even if the beastkin didn’t know what it was, they would find out eventually.”


Kathe thought for a moment and then looked at me.


“But you know what it all means, don’t you, Locke?”

“If they aren’t stupid…”


I said before continuing.

Of course, it would be best if they were stupid. But it was not a good idea to hope for that too hard.


“I think this was placed here in the hopes that it would be brought back for investigation.”

“Huh? Why would they do that?”

“There are many possibilities. But if they care about intelligence operations…”


Dark wraiths were good at that.

And since dark wraiths were attacking the settlements, it made sense to assume that intelligence was their aim.


“Perhaps it can spy on us or tell them where its location is?”

“Shia is right. That is very likely.”


The location of the investigation organization was very important.

The enemy would want to know that if they were waging a war of intelligence.


Besides, they would be able to hear all kinds of conversations while it was taken there.

With that considered, perhaps we had already said too much in front of it.

We might have already given them something.


‘So, we shouldn’t talk anymore. Let’s use telepathy from now on.’


‘I understand.’



Shia, Kathe, Luchila and Lord Gerberga replied.

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