I Will Not Become an Enemy! – 27 Part 1

A Collaborator and a Clue


“But, it could really happen…”

I pleaded, but Alan’s expression would not change.


“You never did believe in the Eremia faith. When you were being brought over here, your prayers during meals were incredibly careless. You’ve never once talked about dreams or visions until now. You constantly avoid praying at church along with mother on holy days. And yet you would believe what you saw in a dream? As someone whose belief in the Eremia faith is as shallow as your own, I would definitely question it and consider it far from reality. I wouldn’t ever believe it and assume that actual danger could be upon us.”

What he was saying was logical.

My usual attitude showed that my faith was weak at best. And the Margrave couple were not very devout either, it had even been a relief to me.


“In fact, it would be far more convincing for me, to think that you still have ties to Count Patorishiel. Then we could assume that you were only trying to spread fear among my father’s men. Now that has a smell of reality to it.”

He was also right to be suspicious of me.

But he was wrong. I had fled from the queen, from Count Patorishel’s orders. I wanted him to believe that at least.

But how could I prove it, that I was not an enemy?


“Please, please believe me.”

But I wasn’t smart enough, I couldn’t think of the right words.

There was nothing to do but to fall silent. Alan sighed.


“Even you know that there is little to discuss here. Kiara. Well, whatever the source of this information was, it does not change that it is unpleasant. I shall at least tell father what you have said…”

I gasped.

If he told him such a thing, surely he would no longer believe everything that I’ve said until now.

What Reggie had told him about Ruain’s movements, he would just think that I have been whispering strange things into his ear after becoming close with him.

Then Reggie would not be protected.

Even the Margrave, he would no longer be cautious. He would be killed.

I had no idea what I was supposed to do. I was overwhelmed with a desire to cry, and so I screamed.


“Because, because you wouldn’t believe it, would you!? That it was from a past life!”

“Past life?”

Alan’s face turned suspicious.

But Alan had already been suspicious of my words, to begin with. There was no harm in him thinking I was mad, any more than he already did. And so I would reveal it all.


“Yes, my past life! Before I was born, I had lived a completely different life! A game I played then, it had people with the same names and faces as in this world. And it’s all come back to me! If things continue like this, Everal castle will be taken by Ruain, the entire kingdom will be invaded! Even me, had I not escaped from the school, I would have been turned into a magician and worked for the queen. You and your men would have killed me on the battlefield!”

I spat it all out as if screaming. Alan’s face looked stunned.


“Well? Is that explanation not even more fantastical! You think I’m mad, don’t you!? That is why I did not want to tell you!”

I couldn’t bear to stay there any longer, and so I ran. With no certain destination, I flew down the tower steps. I would just search for a place where I could be alone.


But there would be sentries on the castle walls.

There were even guards on top of the towers. Of course, there were, there had to be. It was how they protected the surrounding territories.

After much searching, I finally sat down near a thicket close to a building right under the castle wall.

No one would come here at least, and so I sat, with my forehead pressed against my knees.


It was too late, and yet a wave of regret was washing over me.

Alan would find me even more suspicious than before. Would I have no choice but to leave this place? But if I did, I would be breaking my promise to Reggie.

Yet, even the Margrave would surely think I was a spy if he heard what Alan had to say.

He would probably write a letter to Reggie and explain why I had to be arrested, or he would have compassion and send me away.


Ultimately, while my attempts to direct Reggie’s attention toward Ruain’s movements, and to be cautious have been successful, he might begin to think they were groundless rumors. He might feel that there was no need to listen to them.

That would put Reggie and the others in so much danger.


“…Then I must…destroy it from within.”

I would have to return to Count Patorishiel and marry the viscount with the resolve to throw away my own life. And then become a magician.

I could not continue to wait like this. The Princess of Thorns may have said it would be fine, but I feel it may be too late.

Without thinking, I grasp the stone that hung from my neck, through my clothes.


“Why wouldn’t the Princess of Thorns give me the answer?”

I wanted to know how to become a magician now. If I did, I would be able to use other methods to convince them. And even if they didn’t believe me, I could protect them at least…

And then I suddenly realized something.



I look down at the stone in my hand.

There was no visible change there. But I could feel something as I held it with my eyes closed.

A wave that spread across my body. It spread out, on and on. And suddenly, I felt as if it had hit something on my left side.



It wasn’t visual, so it was difficult to describe, but it felt almost like I had a radar device in my brain. And whenever the waves that spread out got caught on something, I felt my heart move strongly.

Up until now, it had shown no changes and I had no idea how to use it. I could hardly believe it now, but maybe…


“Was this…magic?”


Please enjoy this cliffhanger.


Oh, and Vain Everal will now be written as Vayne Everal. Yay!

I Will Not Become an Enemy!

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  1. Not going to lie, pretty disappointed in Kiara right now. One mistake is understandable, she is still young, sort of. Actually she’s way older than me if you count both lives. But after already seeing how doubtful Reggie was she never considered putting some thought into her alibi for why she knows things she shouldn’t? Or passing this info on in more subtle ways? And it’s one thing if an MC just isn’t smart enough to plan ahead or learn their lessons like that, but she couldn’t handle even such soft scrutiny to the point that she screamed out the truth and ran off to have a cry? Eeek, getting a little hard to root for ya girl.
    Thanks for the chapter.

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