10 Years After – 97

Buying and Eating


On my way to the Adventurers guild, we passed the area with street stalls.

Grulf’s eyes were moving in every direction and his tail was wagging.


“What should we eat?”



Grulf stopped in front of a certain stall.

It sold chicken on skewers.


“Grulf, is this what you want to eat?”


“I see.”


Indeed, the smell of grilled chicken was wafting around the area. It smelled delicious.

I asked the cook,


“Uh, would it be possible to buy some without salt or sauce?”

“You don’t want any salt or sauce? Sure I can, but it won’t taste as good, you know?”

“It’s a reward for this guy, for working so hard.”


I said, pointing to Grulf.

He seemed satisfied by this.


“Oh, I see. In that case, I have some uncooked meat as well.”

“Grulf, which do you prefer?”



To be honest, I had no idea what he meant with that reply.


“So, do you want it raw?”

He wagged his tail vigorously. Raw would probably be better, anyway.


“Or do you want it cooked?”

I asked. And his tail wagged vigorously again.


“Okay, I’ll take both raw and cooked then.”

“How much?”

“Three of each. And then three more with sauce for myself.”

“Very good! Just wait one moment!”


After a few minutes of waiting, the chicken skewers were ready. The pieces were very large.

I paid for them and then Grulf and I walked to a nearby park.


“Here, I’ll take the meat off for you.”



Grulf sat and wagged his tail.

I removed the skewers and put the meat down on a sheet of wrapping paper.


“Go ahead then.”



He ate it ravenously. He seemed to enjoy it.

And so I ate my own meat skewers with sauce. It was delicious.


“Don’t tell Lord Gerberga that we ate chicken, alright?”



Grulf continued to tear into the pieces.

It was very good. But perhaps Lord Gerberga would be very angry if he heard about this.


“It might be good to keep it a secret from Luchila as well.”



Grulf was so preoccupied, that I was not sure if he was even listening.


“I probably should have bought more, since you’re so big.”



Grulf was finished in no time.

I looked down at my own skewer.


“This has sauce on it, so I can’t give it to you.”



Grulf put his chin on my lap and looked up pleadingly.

Then he just stared at the stick in my hand.


“I told you, you can’t have it.”



He whined sadly and drooled.

Now my lap was getting wet.


As I thought, Grulf was too big to be satisfied with six skewers of meat.


“I’ll buy something else for you later.”



Grulf whined, but his tail started to wag.


After I was finished, I decided to go around and buy Grulf some additional food.

Mostly, it was meat. And quite a lot of it.

I carried it all back to the park and fed it to him.


“It might have been better to visit a butcher directly…”



Grulf was busy eating.

He was still a pup. I wanted him to eat a lot and grow big.


“Woah, that is a big doggy you have there.”

A small child said.

She appeared to be a beastkin and had a tail and beast ears.


“May I pet it?”

She was a polite child.


“He’s eating now, so you better wait.”




Dogs didn’t like to be touched when they were eating. They would think that you’re trying to steal it.

However, they won’t get angry if they are used to it from when they are young.

Maybe I should do that with Grulf as well.

Perhaps I will do it next time.


The child waited patiently for Grulf to finish eating.

When he was done, she asked again.


“May I pet him now?”

“Yes, you can pet him.”

“Thank you.”

The child petted Grulf. Her tail was wagging.




Grulf also wagged his tail comfortably.


After that, we said goodbye to the girl and headed for the Adventurers Guild.

And I submitted the rat carcasses and accepted the money.


The desk worker looked at me with a serious expression.


“Were there a lot of demon rats down there?”

“I had him help me, and we searched quite a bit, but we only found ten of them.”

“I see. That is good then. It seems that there were many yesterday, so I would advise that you be careful when going down there in the future.”



After that, I checked the quest board again.

There were still no goblin hunting quests.




Grulf was also looking at the quest board with a serious face.

Could he read?


“Let’s buy something to take home with us.”


And so we bought a lot of snacks on the way back to the mansion.




Grulf was in a very good mood. He was looking forward to eating some treats.





A child was standing in front of my mansion.


“Isn’t that the same child that was petting you earlier?”


“I wonder what business she has here.”


And so Grulf and I walked up to the child and asked her.


“Do you have any business at this house?”

“Ah, hello again! And the doggy! What a coincidence!”

“I happen to live in this house, actually.”

“Is that so.”


Then the child bowed politely.


“I am Shia’s younger sister. My name is Nia. You must be Mister Locke! My sister talks about you a lot.”


Apparently, Shia’s younger sister was very polite.

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