Realist Demon King – 121

A Wife for Kongming

It was Tyron’s daughter, Flora, who was in the room. While this was an obvious thing, there was a reason that this seemed a little odd.

After all, the woman who sat at the back of the room was quite beautiful. As this did not align with what we had heard, I turned to Tyron for an explanation. He looked at me apologetically and bowed.

“I am sorry to have deceived you, Demon King.”

Tyron said.

“No, my daughter is not ugly. Of course, I am a biased parent, but she is quite lovely.”

Yes, indeed she was. You might even call her a rare beauty.

“But it was I who spread the rumors about her appearance.”

“And why did you do that?”

“It was to keep her safe from Demon King Decarbia, the former lord of these lands. After all, he was known to gather beautiful women for his castle harem.”

“I had heard about that starfish doing such things.”

There had been many women in the castle after we took it.

“Everyone knew that he had such appetites in spite of being a starfish. I had to save my daughter from his filthy tentacles. And so I spread those rumors.”

“Well, it seems like that also affected her marriage prospects.”

“Yes, I do feel bad about that.”

However, Flora did not judge her father.

“You did the right thing, father. Besides, it’s my selectiveness that has really caused the delay.”

“But I did hear that there were some men who passed your test?”

“That was just a rumor that I spread. In fact, Kongming is the only one to have passed it.”

“Well, that makes things rather simple then. As he seems to be worthy of you, you two should be married.”

I attempted to quickly conclude the entire affair, but it was here that Kongming shook his head.

“I told you before, I have no intention of being married. I still love my previous wife.”

“Kongming does not judge people by their appearances. I thought it was the perfect match.”

Kongming’s previous wife was no beauty if the stories were true. It was even written in historic texts. However, they were also said to be two birds of a feather. He must have really loved her. However, that was many years ago. This was a different world with different rules. And so I tried to persuade him.

“No, it is not just here, it is the same everywhere. Kongming, you must marry Flora.”

Kongming seemed unsure. He demanded to know what reasoning was behind this, and so I whispered in his ear.”

“When a beautiful woman confesses to you, you do not refuse. Besides, I know that you are fond of women with dark skin and golden hair.”

This caused him to flinch, which was rather unusual of him. He was surprised that I knew of this.

“It was written in historic texts. Your wife was an ugly woman with dark skin and blonde hair. However, this was only by the standards of those times. I’ve always wondered if she would have been considered beautiful in other places.”


Kongming did not reply.

“Well, it seems that I was right.”

I couldn’t help but imagine him back then, the genius strategist, and his beautiful, foreign wife by his side.

“Your imagination is like that of a novelist who writes of different worlds, Demon King…”

Judging by his attitude, there was little need to press further.

“Flora is the daughter of a demon. She had dark skin and gold hair. And she is wise, much like your old wife. Perhaps she is your wife reincarnated. I have a feeling that your wife would urge you on, if she could.”

Kongming’s wife had been famous for her intelligence. It was said that she often gave him advice and supported him from the shadows.

Kongming was convinced at this point. He sighed and nodded.

“Demon King Ashtaroth, you really are a strategist. There is nothing I can say in protest.”

Then he became serious as he turned to Flora and kneeled. It was odd to see a strategist from China kneel like a knight, but no one who was present would laugh.

He looked up and said to her,

“Lady Flora. I request that you become my wife and helper.”

Flora seemed to have been taken in by this man who had easily answered her questions. And there were tears in her eyes as she answered.

“If you will have someone as unworthy as me…”

“How could you be unworthy? With the knowledge you displayed earlier, you can help lead the way for me. Even in this world, I need someone who is wise by my side.”

And so Kongming proposed to Flora, and she became his wife.

Now that he was Kongming’s father in law, Tyron cried tears of joy. And he kept his promise and opened one of his storages to me.

And like that, the people celebrated this union between Kongming and Flora, while at the same time, acquiring food that they had been deprived of.

The people of Decarbia’s old lands were especially happy, and it was said that they sang and danced for three days and three nights.

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