10 Years After – 252

Installing the Magic Teleportation Circles

I decided that I needed to tell her the information clearly.

“Marguerite. The teleportation circle won’t be open for half a day at the earliest. And it could take up to a few days if things go slowly.”
“Huh? It’s just a few days at the latest?”
Surprisingly, Marguerite took a very positive view of it.

“…Aye. It should be that much.
“Most court sorcerers would take months to do it. I thought that even you would take a few weeks.”
“Gahahaha! I could do it myself if I had a few weeks. There is no way that Locke would take so long.”
“Groof! Groof!”

Kathe’s tail slapped on the floor repeatedly.
Grulf pounced on the tail happily. It was good to see them having fun.

“Alright, I’ll go and open up the magic circle, and leave the investigation and communications to you.”
“Aye, leave it to us.”

Investigation and communications were important but also a hassle. However, Eric and Goran would now deal with all of that.
And so I returned to the room with the teleportation circle. Grulf came with me.

I started to investigate the magic circle.
It was a magic circle that was located in the base of a True Ancestor, and they were good with concealment magic. And so you couldn’t be too cautious.

In the first place, the reason that we had come here was because there was a device that exploded upon being analyzed.
I had to be careful, and consider the possibility of another explosion.

“The biggest danger would be if they regained control of it…”
This magic circle had been destroyed through remote manipulation. And so I would have to figure out how they did that as well.

“This might be more troublesome than I thought.”
I now wished that I hadn’t said that I could do it in half a day.
As if to comfort me while I started to feel regret, Grulf gently leaned against my leg.

After some time had passed, Goran entered the room.
“Locke. How are things going?”
“Aye, I just finished now.”
“…You finished?”
“Yes. How long did it take?”
I had been so concentrated that I lost track of time.

“…Just two hours.”
“Twelve hours? That’s less than I was expecting.”
“No, not twelve hours. Two hours.”
“Yes, really.”

Not much time had passed at all then. Knowing my own ability, I had expected it to be between half a day and a day.

“What is it?”
“I think I might have become stronger recently.”
“…I see.”
“Groof! Groof!”

Goran froze a little. On the other hand, Grulf pounced on him happily.

After that, Goran, Grulf and I returned to the others to tell them the news.
Apparently, they had been preparing a meal.
And now that they were finished, Goran had been sent to call me.

“Locke. How are things going with the magic circle?”
“I just finished it a moment ago.”
“Hmm… What?”

Kathe was very surprised. And so were the others.
Once we finished eating, Kathe said to me,

“Once everyone uses the magic circle to return home, I’m going to go and fly to the Ringain royal capital!”
“That would really help. I’ll go with you.”

Once the others had left, I took Grulf and climbed onto Kathe’s back.
As Marguerite had her men, she would return on foot with them.

And so I installed a magic circle near the royal capital of Ringain, and guarded it with both physical and magic defenses.
Now it would be safe from ill use.

And then Kathe returned to her human form and we stepped onto the magic circle.

Eric and the chiefs of the wolf beastkin were waiting on the other side.
Luchila, Nia, Lord Gerberga and Dorgo were there as well.

Luchila was holding Lord Gerberga and rushed to us in a hurry.
“Welcome back. Still, to think that a True Ancestor was…”

Apparently, Eric and the others had already explained everything.
And Danton had come as well.

“A True Ancestor, eh? None of us have ever fought one of them.”
So, they really were rare. But it would be very bad for us if there were many of them, considering how strong they were.

“Locke. Good work on the teleportation circle. You should rest now. I’ll handle things from here.”
“Thank you. I’ll leave it to you then.”
“Locke. I’ll take you back!”
“Thank you.”

And so I, Luchila, Grulf, and Lord Gerberga would ride Kathe home.
Shia, Nia and Serulis would also come with us.

The magic defense against the wraiths was already complete.
And so Eric, Goran, Dorgo, Mors, Danton and the chiefs would handle the rest.

“It feels like it’s been a while!”
Lord Gerberga and Grulf also seemed to be happy about being able to finally return home.

Today, I had used a lot of magic dealing with the wraiths and having to fight.
It had been a while since I was this tired. But at least I wouldn’t have any trouble sleeping tonight.

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