10 Years After – 254

Chapter 254 – Breakfast

If we were going to talk about the bomb, then I should probably call Luchila as well.

“Milka. Where is Luchila?”
I asked Milka, who was in the kitchen.
“Hmm. Oh, she’s training in the garden with Serulis and the others.”
“Luchila is with them?”

That was a little surprising.
Had Luchila suddenly become interested in combat training?

“It seems like Luchila woke up early with them, ate breakfast, and then started training.”
“I see. Philly, could you wait for a while? I’m going to go check up on Luchila.”
“Yes, I can wait as long as necessary.”
“It won’t take that long. I’m just going to go to the garden.”

Just as I was about to go out, Milka entered the dining hall.
She was carrying a tray with breakfast on it.

“Mister Locke, wait. I prepared your breakfast. It will get cold.”

Upon hearing this, Philly nodded in agreement.

“Mister Locke. Milka made it just for you. Everything else can wait until after you’re finished eating.”
“…I suppose that’s true.”

Lord Gerberga and Grulf were also happy.
They were hungry and wanted to eat breakfast as soon as possible.

“I’m sorry to make you wait, Lord Gerberga and Grulf.”

‘Don’t worry about it,’ Lord Gerberga and Grulf seemed to say.
And so I prepared Lord Gerberga and Grulf’s breakfast before eating my own.

I did it quickly, before the food that Milka made would become cold.
While I was preparing it, Lord Gerberga and Grulf sat and waited patiently.

“Alright, you can eat now.”

In spite of giving them permission, Lord Gerberga and Grulf did not eat.

“They’re waiting for you to eat first, Mister Locke.”
“I see. I didn’t realize that.”

As soon as I started to eat, then Lord Gerberga and Grulf began to eat as well.


Milka petted Grulf.

“Grulf, you shouldn’t eat too quickly!”

Even though she was touching him as he ate, Grulf didn’t bark at her.
He had gotten used to it now. I was glad to see that they got along.

While watching them, I asked Philly,

“Did Tama eat his food?”
“Yes. He ate with me.”
“That’s good. Tama, let us know if it wasn’t enough.”

Apparently, Tama was full. He came over and sat down next to me.

“Milka. This breakfast is delicious. Thank you.”
“Ehehe. You flatter me.”

After finishing the delicious meal, I cleaned up.
And then I asked Philly and Tama to call Luchila.
If left alone, Philly would never go out in the sun. And so I wanted her to at least go out into the garden.

As I washed the breakfast dishes, Grulf and Lord Gerberga came close by.
They sat, good-mannered, and stared up at me.

I ignored them and continued to wash the dishes until Milka came.

“I’ll help you too.”
“No, there isn’t much to wash. You go and take it easy.”
“But… The thing is, it’s kind of like my job here…”
“You should rest when you can.”
“Fine. But let me know if there is anything I can do to help.”

Milka leaned onto Grulf’s back and started to tousle his fur.

“Grulf. How are you?”

Grulf looked a little awkward.
But his tail was wagging, so he was at least happy.

“Ah, that’s right! Mister Locke, did you meet Miss Serulis’s mother?”
“Aye, I did meet her.”
“What was she like? I want to meet her too!”
“Hmm. Let me think. She was a lot like Serulis.”
“I see! So she must be very pretty.”
“I’m sure you’ll get to meet her soon.”
“I can’t wait!”

I had installed a magic teleportation circle near the capital of the Ringain Kingdom.
And so she might visit us in the near future. And it would also be easy for us to go there.

Just as I finished washing the dishes…
“Did you call for me?”
Luchila arrived.


Lord Gerberga looked very happy as he flew towards Luchila’s shoulder.

“Ah, Luchila. Philly wanted to hear about the structure and materials of the bomb.”
“Understood! I will explain everything that I remember!”
“Thank you.”

And so Luchila and I decided to go to the living room.

“Alright, then I’ll go and put on some tea!”
“Oh, thank you.”
“Don’t mention it!”

I left the tea to Milka and headed to the living room. Grulf and Lord Gerberga looked very pleased as they followed us.

“Mister Locke. I see you are awake!”
“Did you sleep well?”
“Sorry that we didn’t help you clean up.”

Shia, Serulis, and Nia were in the living room. They were all sitting on one bench and talking.
Philly and Tama were there as well.
Philly was sitting relaxedly on the bench on the opposite side, as she gently petted Tama.
In any case, aside from Milka, everyone in the mansion was now in the room.

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