10 Years After – 256

Chapter 256 – Let’s All Talk Together

Behind Eric and Goran, I saw that Kathe, Dorgo and Mors had come as well.
This was the first time that Mors the water dragon had come to my mansion.
“Thank you all for coming.”
“Thank you for having us.”

Mors said gratefully.
He had likely come because last night, before parting ways, I had asked him to visit my mansion.

“Ohh. So this is where you are living now, Locke.”
Even Serulis’s mother, Marguerite, had come as well.

“You too, Marguerite. What about your work?”
“Coming here is also an important part of my work.”
“I see. I suppose that’s true.”

This strategy of using great explosions and teleportation magic was something to be feared.
As an ambassador of the Ringain kingdom, Marguerite would want to know the details.
And so I first introduced her to the people who had never met her before.

Once the introductions were finished, Milka stood up. She looked a little bashful for some reason.
“Since we have more guests, I’ll go and put on some tea!”
“I will help you!”
Nia followed Milka out of the room.

As I watched them go, I asked everyone,
“I suppose this room is too small for all of you?”
“Not at all. This room is very spacious.”

Eric said with a smile.
Including Milka and Nia who had headed to the kitchen, there were thirteen people, if just counting the humans and dragons.
And then there was Grulf, Lord Gerberga and Tama.
While the living room was large, I couldn’t say that it didn’t feel a little crowded now.
That being said, it would probably be fine.

After we chatted for a short while, Milka and Nia returned.
“Here’s the tea.”
“Thank you.”

Milka finished serving the tea, and then Marguerite pulled her close.

“You are indeed very adorable, just like it said in Serulis’s letter.”

Milka looked bashful. She had looked like that ever since Marguerite had introduced herself.
“Right? Mother? Isn’t she cute?”
Serulis said with a smug expression.

“Nia and Luchila. You two are cute as well.”
“Uh, thank you.”
Nia’s tail wagged from side to side. Grulf started to play with it.

But Luchila was surprised by Marguerite’s words.
“H-how did you know that I was a girl?”
“Of course, I know. Are there really people who can’t tell?”

I felt a little awkward after that, and turned to Goran.
Because Goran had also not realized that Luchila was a girl.
And so he muttered with an embarrassed expression.

“…Well, such things happen. Don’t they?”

Goran and I nodded to each other in agreement.
On the other hand, Marguerite had put Milka on her lap and patted her head.

Now that everyone was settled, I decided to explain things once again.
I had already explained to each person before, but I wanted to be certain.

“Yes, and we were talking about how dangerous it would be if it was carried into the royal capital!”
Declared Milka as Marguerite patted her gently.

“You’re very smart, Milka.”
“She is intelligent. That’s why I had a genius like Philly tutor her.”

I said, and then Philly nodded.

“Milka is a fine student. Of course, Nia and Luchila are also brilliant.”

Milka was very flattered to be praised by not just Marguerite, but her teacher Philly as well.
On the other hand, Eric and Goran had serious expressions.

“Yes, Milka is right. It’s too dangerous. It could destroy half of the royal capital.”
Said Eric.

“And there isn’t much that the Adventures Guild can do. After all, Adventurers love magic tools.”

As Goran said, there were no Adventurers who wouldn’t be happy if they found a magic tool in the middle of their travels.
And if there happened to be a sorcerer in their party, then they would be overjoyed, and immediately try to appraise it with Magic Exploration.

If it failed, then that was fine. Nothing would happen. However, problems would arise if they succeeded.

It would mean they had a good sorcerer. And it would also mean that the whole party would be wiped out.
And that would be a great loss to the guild.

But that still wasn’t even the worst case scenario.

“If they can’t appraise it themselves, they will take it back to the Adventurers Guild or some appraiser in the royal capital.”
I said, and Goran nodded deeply.

“That’s right. Then either the guild or city appraisers will cast Magic Exploration on it and…”
The entire guild or building will be blown into dust.

Eric folded his arms.

“It will be difficult to set up effective countermeasures.”
“We might have to set up a magic tool appraising station outside of the city…”
“But we’ll have to explain the situation to Adventurers, or they might not obey.”

There was a risk when allowing information related to vampires to spread far and wide.
It wouldn’t be too bad if it just made people more scared of the vampires.
Scared humans were ideal prey for the dark ones.
The seeds of suspicion might be sown, and people will start spreading rumors about who is working for the vampires.
At worst, humans might start killing each other.

Philly muttered with a severe expression.
“Hmm. We will have to think of a countermeasure.”
“Philly. Do you have any ideas?”
“Not yet. Could you tell me what you know about the magic tool? It can be anything, like the materials and structure.”
“Very well.”
Luchila, who had been the one to use Magic Exploration, nodded.

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