10 Years After – 257

Chapter 257 – Structure Analysis of the Bomb

Luchila put Lord Gerberga on her lap and started to talk slowly.

“First, the materials were almost all Fool’s Stone…”

Surprisingly, Luchila was aware of a lot of the small structural details.
I hadn’t thought she would be able to understand so much in such a short amount of time.

“Oh, I see. So it was like this?”

Philly began to write what she heard on a sheet of paper.

“That’s all that I know.”
“No, it was more information than I expected. That was very helpful. But I would still like to know more.”
So saying, Philly looked at me and Kathe.

“I suppose it is my turn. I was looking behind Luchila, and so I know a little as well.

Kathe said proudly. Her tail wagged slowly behind her.
Compared to Luchila’s explanation, Kathe’s was more focused on alchemy.

Among dragons, Wind Dragons were known to be especially good with the art of alchemy.
And so Kathe’s knowledge of it was quite deep.

Once she was finished, Philly’s drawing became even more detailed.

“Your explanation was also very helpful. Thank you.”
“I’m just happy to have been useful!”

Kathe’s tail swayed happily.

Perhaps she was a little bashful, as she then pulled Nia close to her and started to pet her between the ears.
Nia looked a little confused as her tail swayed.

“Now, I will tell you what I noticed.”
“I would very much like to hear your analysis, Mr. Locke. Thank you.”

Philly then looked at me with eyes that were full of expectation.

“I was just watching from behind, so you shouldn’t expect too much.”
“I understand.”

Philly adjusted her glasses and then smiled.

“First, the main magical function resided in three areas. In other words, three magic circles.”
“One part was to conceal the structure. Another was to disturb any Magic Exploration while also measuring its progress. And then there is the part that is the bomb.”
“The magic circles should have been structured like this. Luchila, Kathe. What do you think?”
“I…was not able to notice that part…”
“It’s fine. Just tell me anything that you know.”
“Yes… I think this part might have been a little smaller.”
“I see. Indeed, I think you’re right.”

And so the three who actually saw it all gave their opinions.
And Philly wrote everything down.

“So, it should be something like this then.”
“I believe it is.”

Kathe and Luchila seemed quite confident.

“Mors. Have you noticed anything after listening to everything?”
“…Indeed. But as I have not seen it in person, there is nothing that I can say.”
“It can really be the smallest thing.”
“As for disturbing Magic Exploration and monitoring the progress…I think this would be more efficient…”

Among dragons, Water Dragons were especially good with barrier magic.
That was probably why this point bothered him.

“Hmm? Now that you mention it, you might be right.”
“Yes, I think so too…”

Kathe and Luchila started to agree.

“What do you think, Locke?”
“Hmm. Yes, I also think that Mors is correct.”

And so Philly made corrections to the drawing based on Mors’s suggestion.

“Locke. Is this fine for now?”
“Aye, Philly. While it is not complete, it is quite detailed.”
“Hmm. Hmm. So this is the general structure. We must think of a countermeasure at once.”
“Teacher, I will help too.”
“Milka. I’m counting on you.”

Goran had been listening quietly up until now, but he then smiled.

“If all goes well, then we won’t have to spread any information about the vampires.”
“Yes. If it goes well.”
“While we’ll do our best, you shouldn’t get your hopes up too high.”
“I know. Still, do your best, Philly.”

Just then, Kathe tilted her head to the side.

“Hmm? But why is it such a bad thing to tell a lot of people?”
“Uh…the thing is…”

As I tried to think of a way to make her understand, Kathe continued.

“We can tell everyone, and then everyone can fight.”
“If we could get everyone to fight, that would be a good thing… However, only as a last resort.”
“Why do you think that, Eric?”

Kathe asked with a puzzled expression. Marguerite replied with a smile.

“If I was a vampire, I would think about using information to deal a great blow.”
“What would you do?”
“First, I would allow some of my vampire thralls to be captured by the country.”
“By doing this, the people will be forced to believe that vampires were in their midst.”

No matter how much you said that they were dangerous, many would not believe it so easily.
Because the royal capital had divine protection.
But if they were to actually see the vampires, then they would have to believe.

“Impact is important. So you would have to choose the right timing to have them captured…”
“Hmm. Hmm?”
“Once fear has been planted in the hearts of the people, I would plant small bombs in order to kill several humans.”

At that point, the people would lose their calm.

“And then we just need to spread rumors about this or that person being a thrall…”
“And what would happen?”
“Everyone will become suspicious of each other and they will start killing.”

They had to kill the vampire who entered the city.
That would be their excuse. And after this mayhem, the city will be overrun with chaos.
Citizens will hunt citizens.

And if the vampires spread rumors about how they had taken over the government, then even Eric would not be able to stop the chaos from getting worse.
The people might even rebel against the government.

Perhaps ambitious nobles would take advantage of the moment and mobilize their soldiers.
The country would fall into ruin, and the vampires would be able to do as they pleased.
After Marguerite explained all of this, Kathe finally understood the danger.

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  1. I would think the smart way to handle this would be to setup the barriers so that they cleanse any mental control magic around the towns.

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