10 Years After – 258

Chapter 258 – Walk

However, Milka tilted her head to the side.

“Lady Marguerite. Can I ask you a question?”
“You can ask me anything that you like.”
“Why haven’t the vampires used this strategy before?”

This strategy that Marguerite talked about. Surely it did not require that the government or Adventurers Guild disclose any information about the vampires.
That was what Milka was trying to say.

“You’re very sharp, Milka.”
“Ehehe. Not at all!”

Milka said bashfully.
Marguerite patted her on the head as she continued.

“Actually, the part about the guild and the government talking about the dangers of vampires is an important element.”
“It is?”

Milka didn’t seem to understand yet.
“Indeed. In the first place, the people of the royal capital would not be very surprised if some thralls went wild and were arrested.”
“That’s true. Because thralls and those who are charmed are able to move under the barrier of divine protection.”

They would just think that some weak vampires had become cocky and infiltrated the royal capital and were quickly defeated.
And so they would praise Eric for defeating the thralls.

“I see. So people will only be scared after the Adventurers Guild spreads the information?”
“That is right. And their plan will only be effective if the people are afraid.”
“This is very educational!”

Milka was nodding in agreement.
I turned to her and said,

“Well, the ancestor is dead. And I don’t know if those that remain can do the same thing.”
“That being said, we’ll have to be careful.”

Everyone nodded at Eric’s words.
For a second, the room became quiet. And then Philly addressed Milka.

“Well, as for whether we can prevent such an incident, it depends on all of our work.”
“I understand, teacher!”
“Milka, it’s time that we shut ourselves up in the laboratory.”
“Yes, teacher!”
“So, I must return to my laboratory. Please let me know if something happens.”

Philly and Milka stood up and started walking towards the laboratory.

“We’re counting on you, Philly. If you need help, just say it.”
“Yes, I will not hesitate to ask you when the time comes.”

As Philly, Milka and Tama went off to the laboratory, Marguerite got up to her feet.

“I must return to Ringain as well.”

She was an ambassador, which meant she was very busy.

“Aye, let us know if you learn anything.”
“I know. And Eric has given me a communication bracelet.”

It was a good thing that we could talk to each other in case of an emergency.

Once Marguerite was gone, Eric, Goran, Dorgo, and Mors left as well.
Everyone was very busy.

“Now, it seems that I don’t have anything to do until Philly completes the magic tool.”
“Gruff! Gruff!”
“You want to go on a walk?”

If you have nothing to do, take me on a walk!
That’s what he was probably saying.

“Alright, Grulf. We’ll go on a walk then.”
“Do you want to go too, Lord Gerberga?”

Apparently, Lord Gerberga wanted to go too.

“What about you, Kathe?”
“Gahahaha! I will go with you!”

So Kathe wanted to go too.
I decided to stop by at Philly’s laboratory so that we could take Tama on a walk as well.

“What about you, Shia? Though, I suggest that you all rest. Resting is part of getting stronger as well.”

They had just fought a fierce battle yesterday. And they had been training since morning.
While they were young, they were still working too hard.
In fact, it would not be wrong for them to just rest for two to three days.

Resting was very important if you wanted to grow.
…Though, perhaps I was the wrong person to say this, as I had fought for 10 years without resting.

“We’re going to visit the royal palace.”
“Exactly. Charlotte and Marie wanted to play with us.”

Charlotte was Eric’s 10 year old daughter. Marie was the 4 year old younger sister.

“Are you going to visit the princesses too, Lord Gerberga?”

The princesses were very fond of Lord Gerberga.
And so they would be very happy if Lord Gerberga went to visit them.


However, it seemed like Lord Gerberga wanted to go on a walk.

“In that case, you can come with us.”

I asked the others as well, but Luchila and Nia said they would help Philly and Milka.

“I see. Don’t work too hard.”
“I understand!”
“Yes, I’ll do my best to not get in Teacher Philly’s way!”

Luchila and Nia replied cheerfully as they headed to Philly’s laboratory.

And so I went on a walk with Grulf, Tama, Lord Gerberga, and Kathe.
When we walked in the royal capital, we jogged without rushing too much.

“You can slow down if you want, Tama.”

Tama’s tongue stuck out and he looked quite happy as he followed me.
Recently, Tama had gained some weight.
And since he had been much too thin before, you could say that he was now looking healthier.

Not only was he heavier, but his energy had recovered as well.
While Grulf was a pup, he was also a sacred beast wolf, and Tama was just a big dog.
And so the difference in energy was very clear.

“Since Kathe is here with us today, let’s go out of the city.”
“Hmm? That’s true. But does that mean you can’t leave the city when I’m not with you?”
“Not exactly. But I just thought that if Tama got tired, you or I could carry him.”
“Ah, indeed! I will carry him any time!”

Kathe wagged her tail happily.
And so we went out of the gates of the royal capital.

As Eric had given Kathe identification, she was able to enter and leave without any problem.

After walking outside of the city for some time…
Lord Gerberga stuck his head out from chest. He clucked happily.

“Do you want to walk on the ground, Lord Gerberga?”

As it seemed like he did, I put Lord Gerberga down on the ground.
Kathe and I walked slowly so that Lord Gerberga could keep up.
Tama and Grulf played happily as they dashed in circles around us.

“Things sure seem peaceful now…”

As we had defeated the ancestor, the enemy should be quiet for some time.
However, we couldn’t let our guard down.
We didn’t know when a bomb trap would be detonated and destroy the city.

“Bombs sure are frightening things.”
“That being said, it’s difficult to make them. I doubt that they can be mass produced…”
“I hope that you are right…”

Kathe looked worried.
We continued to talk about different things as we walked slowly around the city.
Tama and Grulf continued to run around us at full speed.

After some time had passed, Tama started to look tired.

“Well, I think we should head home soon. Tama, Grulf! Lord Gerberga.”
“Gruff! Gruff!”

They all gathered around me.
I gave them water and treats and then put Lord Gerberga back into my jacket.
And like that, we slowly made our way back to the royal capital.

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