10 Years After – 260

Chapter 260 – Receiving a Quest

Ginny had read the request sheet.
But we were quite far from the quest board, so she must have good eyes.
It was no wonder that they were such good hunters.

“Goblin hunting? Alright, let’s accept it.”

Said Ario, and Ginny nodded with a serious expression.

“Yes, brother. Right now, there are hardly any other Adventurers here.”
“Then I will help you.”
“Are you sure?”
“Aye. I try to hunt goblins as much as I can.”
“If you’re going to help us, Mr. Locke, it will be like having the strength of a hundred people.”

Ario said in a relieved voice.
Perhaps he was a little scared by the thought of hunting goblins with just Ginny.
But even if he was afraid, he was going to brave the danger in order to save the helpless villagers.
That was quite a brave thing to do.

“Well, I’m going to go directly from here. Do you want to go home, Grulf and Lord Gerberga?”

Grulf and Lord Gerberga looked like they wanted to go.
But I was a little worried.
There was no problem with Lord Gerberga. If he became tired, he could just rest in my jacket.
But Grulf… Would he be okay?

While it hadn’t been particularly strenuous exercise, we had still been on a walk.
What if he became too tired to move…

“…I suppose if it came to it, I could just carry you.”

Grulf looked at me with a puzzled expression, and so I patted him on the head.

“Ario, go tell them that you’ll accept the quest. I’m going to contact the people at my house.”
“Understood. Leave it to me!”

And so Ario and Ginny ran to the counter in order to accept the goblin hunting quest.
I then left the guild building and used my communication bracelet in order to contact Kathe.

“Kathe. Have you arrived at the mansion yet?”
‘Huh? Ah, yes, I have! Tama drank some water and then ran off to Philly’s laboratory.’
“That’s good. Kathe, I need you to give a message to Shia and Serulis.”
‘What is it?’
“I accepted a goblin hunting quest, and will go directly from here.”
‘What? But you said you were coming straight back.’
“I’m sorry. But there are people who need my help. And there isn’t anything that I can do over there.”

Philly, the genius alchemist was dealing with the bomb.
And Eric and his privy council were dealing with the search for the enemies hiding in the palace.
Aside from that, Goran and the Adventurers Guild were doing everything that they could do to investigate the ruins of the dark ones.

And I was just waiting for the results.
Once I knew who the enemy was and where they were, then I could defeat them.
But there was nothing that I could do currently.

“And so I need you to pass on that message.”
‘Now wait one moment. Can you tell me which village the request is coming from?’
“I don’t mind telling you, but do you really need that information?”
‘Of course, I do. What if there is an emergency, and I do not know? It will slow us down, won’t it?’

Indeed, Kathe was right about that.
It was possible that something would happen while I was hunting the goblins.
In that case, Kathe might have to come and pick me up.

“Yes, it would be a waste of time if I had to give you details about my location if there was an emergency.”

And so I told Kathe the details about the village that we were headed in.
After that, I reminded her to pass on the message to Shia and Serulis.
I was sure that she would tell them.

“And just to remind you, Shia, Nia and Serulis need to rest, all right?”

If they heard that I was going to hunt goblins, then they might want to come too.
However, they had fought in a harsh battle yesterday, and had been training since morning today.
And so they required rest.
They could fall ill if they pushed themselves too hard.

‘I know that. Just leave it all to me.’

Kathe sounded very reliable as she accepted responsibility.
Now I wouldn’t have to worry about them trying to come with us to hunt the goblins.

After that, I switched off the connection and returned to the guild building.
It was just as Ario had finished accepting the quest.
Apparently, the receptionist was quite pleased to learn that all three of us would be taking it on.

“With three F rankers, there shouldn’t be a problem…”
“Aye, leave it to us.”
“But please be careful, all right?”

And so we listened to her explain the details of the request and then we set off.
As we walked, Ginny said,

“As it’s a three hour walk to the village, we should be able to return today if everything goes well.”

A six hour round trip. So it would be nine whole hours if we could finish hunting the goblins in three hours.
As it was just a little before midday, we might be back in the royal capital near sun down.

“Yes. I hope it works out like that.”

I said as I glanced over to Grulf.
Staying out tonight be a little too much for Grulf.

“It really is nice when you can return on the same day.”
“Yes, the last time we hunted goblins, it took us three days and two nights.”

Said Ario.
On my last time hunting goblins, I had met Shia and encountered a Goblin Lord and a Vampire Lord.

“What if there is another Goblin Lord…”
“They don’t just pop up anywhere.”

As Ginny had sounded a little worried, I laughed and tried to reassure her.

“Maybe we’ll meet a dragon instead!”
“I doubt that.”

Ario started to joke, and Ginny denied it with a laugh.
Ario was trying to make his younger sister less nervous.
And so it was in this peaceful atmosphere that we went on our way.

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  1. Ario and Ginny. And Ario here is a boy while Ginny is a girl. But in the earlier chapter, the name should be Josh who is also a scout and Ario is a sorcerer. Why the change tho?

    • I think it was because the character was changed in the manga. Maybe it was changed in the light novel as well? I’m not sure.

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