10 Years After – 264

Chapter 264 – Vampire Battle

Kathe was one thing, but if Grulf was hit by magic arrows, he would be heavily wounded.
And if I was going to protect everyone, it would be easier if they were all gathered together.


Within my magic barrier, Ario and Ginny let out frightened shrieks.

And so in order to calm them, I said,
“Ario. Ginny. You’ll be safe here. I will protect you.”
“Yes, thank you.”
“Th-thank you!”

And then I activated the communications bracelet, and talked so that everyone who was connected to it could hear me.

“Eric. Goran. I thought I’d make a report. I found a vampire base.”
‘You what? Where is it?’
‘Please tell us the details.’
And so I told them the location of the village.

‘So there are only thralls and charmed…’
“However, we’re currently being attacked by very powerful magic spears. And so I believe there is a High Lord nearby.”
‘What! You should have said that earlier.’
“Leave it to me. Kathe is here as well. Besides, the battle will be finished by the time you arrive, Eric.”
‘Very well. I’ll leave the fighting to you.’
‘…I’ll send people to deal with the aftermath.’
“Aye, thank you.”
And then I ended the communication.

Even as I was talking, the magic spears continued to rain down on us.
“That’s a lot of magic energy.”
“Locke! I cannot find the enemy.”
“They must be hiding. Just wait a minute.”
“I understand.”
The last ancestor I had defeated had been very good with concealment.

Perhaps the vampires had then learned the importance of concealment magic.
And so while maintaining the magic barrier, I activated Magic Detection.
And this time, I raised the level considerably, compared to the time I scanned the village.

“Kathe! There are five in all!”

I said, and then unleashed my own magic spears at them.
I purposely chose the same method as the enemy, as they had unleashed hundreds of them on us.
And the one-sided attacks had gotten on my nerves.


While I had unleashed the magic spears at all five of them, there were only four screams.
So the last one had dodged the attack.
In that case, it was likely that there were four Archs and one Lord.

However, they were clearly no ordinary Archs or Lords.
If they were ordinary Archs, there was no way that Kathe wouldn’t have been able to tell where the magic spears were coming from.
Besides, a normal Lord would not have been able to dodge my magic spears.

“Are they enhanced?”

I muttered as I looked at the four Archs.
They had all been pierced by the magic spears, and were coughing up blood.
It was almost a mortal wound. However, these were vampires, and you could not relax until they were completely dead.


As soon as my magic spears landed, Kathe had dashed out at a tremendous speed.
Kathe was targeting the one that had gotten away.
The Lord, who would be the strongest one that was here.

Kathe was in human form, and was unarmed.
However, she bridged the gap with incredible speed. And after feigning a kick, she jumped over them at the last second.
After this feint, her fists came down with a violent force.


The Lord was desperate, and just barely managed to dodge Kathe’s attack.
Her fists slammed into the ground, and with a loud crash, clouds of dust rose into the air.
No, it was more like a storm of soil and rock.


Kathe had forced the Lord into close quarters combat.
And the fight was moving in her favor.
Even though the lord of the wind dragons was in human form, she was still good at fighting.
It was clear that I could leave it to Kathe.

“Well, don’t think that you can escape now.”

I said to the four, who all had large holes near their hearts from the magic spears.

“Since you tried to kill us immediately, you must know who we are?”
“You’re awfully arrogant for a human!”
“And isn’t it a shame that you were defeated by such a human?”

As I wanted to get information from the vampires, I could not finish them.
However, I couldn’t let this go on for too long. Ario and Ginny were here.
And nearby, there was a village that was suppressed by vampires.

It would be dangerous if the villagers started to come out.
If it was just thralls, I could kill them all without mercy, but it wouldn’t work like that with charmed villagers.
I had to suppress and disarm them without killing them, so that I could break the spell.
And even if they were weak as individuals, seventy of them would be very difficult to deal with.

“Kathe! We don’t have much time. Hurry up and take care of it.”
“It’s easier said than done, Locke!”

She replied, but continued to strike the Lord.
It went flying off into the air, but she chased after it and then kicked it.

“I can’t just let her do everything.”

I had no complaints when it came to Kathe’s combat ability. However, she wasn’t that great when it came to fighting against vampires.
It had been a good decision to get close to that one and fight.
In fact, the Lord didn’t even have time to use its magic. It was a one-sided fight, where it was just being hit.

However, when fighting vampires, you need an attack that could finish them off.
Like cutting off their head, or gouging out the heart, and then burning them.

“I don’t have time to talk to you all anymore.”
I said, and then I cut off the heads of the Arch Vampires with my Devil King Sword.

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