10 Years After – 265

Chapter 265 – Questioning the Lord

The Arch Vampire’s head shouted as it rolled onto the ground.

“I won’t forgive you, foul humans!”
“Shut up. Hurry up and die.”

But the Arch’s head began to transform into bats and flies.


Grulf bit into one of them and crushed it with his jaws.
Vampires could not transform once Grulf’s claws and fangs had sunk into them.
It was Grulf’s special ability.

“Well done, Grulf!”

I couldn’t let them do everything.
And so I cast Magic Search, so that there would be no way of escape, and then I burned it thoroughly.
And then I touched Lord Gerberga gently from above my breastplate.

Today, Lord Gerberga hadn’t cried after the vampire started to transform.
And so I thought it was a little odd.

But when I looked, I saw that Lord Gerberga was sleeping quietly.
As we had come here on our way back from a walk, Lord Gerberga must have been tired.

“Perhaps it is actually a good thing.”

If Lord Gerberga had cried, they would know that we had a God Fowl.
There shouldn’t be any dark ones hiding in the area now.
However, it was possible that something was hiding amongst the charmed villagers or thralls.
Besides, Lord Gerberga wouldn’t even cry against a mere Arch Vampire.

“Rest well, Lord Gerberga.”

And so Lord Geberga continued to sleep quietly.

“Ario! Ginny! I need you to wait there for a while.”
“I understand!”
“Don’t let your guard down.”
“I know!”

Ario and Ginny obeyed willingly.
That was how much they trusted me.
And so I left them under the protection of a magic barrier, and I ran towards Kathe.

“Gruff! Gruff!”
With a serious air, Grulf wagged his tail and followed after me.

“Stay on guard, Grulf.”

Grulf barked back confidently.
He seemed more reliable than usual.
And so I approached Kathe and the Vampire Lord, who were in a fistfight.
And as Kathe slammed her fist into the Lord’s face, I charged in from the side.

“It keeps coming back up, no matter how many times I hit it! It’s so strong in spite of being a Lord.”

As Kathe said, it was strangely tough.
Perhaps it had been strengthened by the Evil God.
That being said, it seems like it was still weaker than the last strengthened Lord I had fought.

“Indeed. Vampires are stubborn, just like cockroaches.”
“How dare…”

The Lord was furious, and it glared at me. But that was all.
Even though it could react to my words, it could not react to my movements.
Without saying anything more, I cut off the Lord’s head with the Devil King Sword in my right hand.

“Kathe! For now, cutting off the head is the easiest way.”
“I’m sure that it is, but I don’t have a weapon right now!”
“Then do this!”
I enveloped my left fist with magic energy, and then it shot through the Lord’s skin and shattered its chest bones so that I could grab its heart.

Its body and head were already separated. And yet the Lord wailed in agony.
And with his heart in my grasp, I pulled my left hand out.

“If you take out the heart, you can deal quite a lot of damage.”
“…Locke, that’s quite a bold move.”
“However, it’s something you can do too, isn’t it?”
“I can, but… It looks disgusting.”
“Well, I can’t argue with that. That’s why you should carry a weapon, Kathe.”
And so I turned to the Lord who had lost both heart and head.

“You went out of your way to call some Adventurers here. Are you low on personnel?”
“Hmm. I guess you don’t want to answer.”

The Vampire Lord would say nothing.
In general, they were tight-lipped.
But I thought that it wasn’t that they were a tight-lipped race, but because they were believers of the Evil God.
And so it would be no different for human believers.
If asking bluntly wasn’t going to do it, then I would have to change tactics.

“It must be hard for you all.”

I said in a softer, sympathetic voice.
The Lord looked at me suspiciously and then glared.

“The true ancestor, was it? You must suffer a lot having to work under something so weak.”
“Bastard! A lowly creature like you has no right!”
“And yet it was your superior who was defeated by such lowly creatures?”
“It was you! The bastard who hurt the great one…”

Apparently, this Lord knew that the true ancestor had been defeated.
The reason that I had provoked him, was because I wanted to know the dark ones knew about its death.
Judging by its reaction, they even knew how the true ancestor had died.
Lessers and Arches were one thing, but it seemed that when it came to Lords, detailed information had spread quite far.
After thinking all of this, I realized that something bothered me about the Lord’s words.

“Apes like you are not worthy enough to touch the great one! You shall all be punished!”
He was talking as if the true ancestor wasn’t actually dead.

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