10 Years After – 272

Chapter 272 – The Mysterious Fog

We watched as we fell. I was using magic to decrease the speed of our fall.

“Kathe is amazing. It’s no wonder she is the Wind Dragon King.”

Kathe continued to ascend until she was above the nine Evil Dragons, and then the battle began.
At the same time, Dorgo and Mors attacked them from below.
There was no doubt that the three would be able to handle the Evil Dragons.

“A pincer attack. Impressive, considering they didn’t plan anything in advance.”

Goran said. And I agreed. Their movements were spectacular.
Perhaps defending the Water Dragon settlement had made it easier for them to work together.
As Goran and I watched, Eric shouted.

“Hey, Goran. Don’t get distracted. And you too, Locke!”
“Sorry, sorry.”
“I’ll be careful.”

And then we plunged into the thick fog.
Once we were inside, everything was white. I couldn’t even see my own hands.

“There’s fog everywhere. I can’t see! I might as well be closing my eyes!”
“We’ll hit the ground soon. Be on your guard.”

We landed on the ground immediately after I said that. Judging by the sounds, Eric and Goran had rolled onto the floor.
As you could not see what was below you, it was difficult to land properly.

‘Are you hurt?’
I asked through telepathy. I still couldn’t see them due to the fog. And Magic Exploration and Magic Detection only told me about things that were very close by.
So I didn’t know where the enemy was.

‘I’m fine. But…this situation…’
‘What is this fog? Locke, do you know what it is?’
‘Even though I’m inside and touching it now, I cannot tell. Though, it’s clear the magic energy in it is more powerful than it looked from the outside…’
‘I suppose we should be glad that it doesn’t have the effect of the Evil God protection. Locke, can you get an estimate on the enemy position?’
Eric asked, and I thought about it.

‘I’m sure the fog is to hide something, but…’
‘You don’t know what they are hiding?’
‘Unfortunately. In any case, it is clearly something bad. But we have no time.’
‘That’s true. Eric. Locke. Do you know in which direction Lefy and the others will be? We’ll head there.’

Said Goran. He had also visited the palace many times.
However, as he could barely see, he didn’t even know where he was.

‘I can’t do any scouting with magic because of the fog. So Eric should be more useful than me.’
‘You say that, but… I don’t know either. But I think it might be this way.’

While Eric lived in the royal palace, the palace was huge.
And so he started walking while relying on intuition.

‘What is happening with all of this fog? I can’t sense anyone’s presence.’
‘In the first place, should we really be breathing it in? Doesn’t that mean we’re taking in magic energy that the enemy placed here?’

However, I didn’t think that the fog had anything to do with curses or poison.
That being said, it was still unpleasant to be inside. It had been prepared by the enemy.
And so it could not be good.

‘But it’s not like we can just hold our breath. Even if it means taking in their magic energy.’
As I listened to Eric and Goran talk, I suddenly thought of something.
‘Hmm. It’s worth a try.’
‘What’s worth a try? If you have an idea, do it. Do anything.’

Said Eric, and so I activated Drain Touch with my right hand. My target was the fog itself.
Just as it was activated, the fog was absorbed into my hand without a sound.
And then the area around us was cleared.
However, it was only within a radius that was about twice the length as a man was tall.
It seemed that more fog would appear as I absorbed it.

‘Well, that might be a good thing.’
There wasn’t much magic energy inside of it. But there was a lot of fog. And so by continuing to absorb it, the wound in my right shoulder began to heal.
‘Ohh, I knew you could do it, Locke. I didn’t think you could do that with Drain Touch. What a great idea.’
‘I thought I could do it because it contains magic nergy. Thanks to that, my right shoulder has healed.’
‘That’s good.’
As the fog around us was gone, I was now able to see Eric and Goran’s expressions.
They looked very relieved to hear that my wound had healed.

‘And one other thing. I was able to learn something through using Drain Touch.’
‘What is that?’
Goran leaned forward as he asked.

‘Well, calm down. Lord Gerberga. Can you crow? Please do it, if you can.’
Lord Gerberga poked out his head from my jacket and crowed loudly.
Lord Gerberga’s godly voice cut through the fog, from the ground up towards the sky.
Immediately after, the soundwaves shot through the floor, erasing the fog.

‘Oh, oh… That’s amazing.’
‘Thank you, Lord Gerberga.’

Lord Gerberga looked very pleased as Goran and Eric expressed their gratitude.
Even Grulf was looking at Lord Gerberga with deep respect.
After thanking him, Eric and Goran looked at me as if asking for an explanation.
And so I told them while we ran towards the place where Lefy and the others should be.

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