Category: The Transferee Who Gave Up Returning Finally Becomes The Protagonist

10th Year – 2

Chapter 2 – Guard Request The Durande Adventurer’s Guild was located in a modest building near the wall that surrounded the city. This was no surprise. Unlike the guards who were an organization that kept the peace in the city, Adventurers did not stay in one place. They were constantly moving from one town to…

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10th Year – 1

Chapter 1 – The 10th Year Started With An Unlucky Day This town called Durande was not a particularly large one. After all, it’s population was about two thousand. However, it was a town that was so rich with food, that along with the surrounding villages, their self-sufficiency rate was never below three hundred percent…

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10th Year – Prologue

Title: 十年目、帰還を諦めた転移者はいまさら主人公になる(On The 10th Year, The Transferee Who Gave Up Returning Finally Becomes The Protagonist) Author: 氷純(hisumi) Prologue “Mister, are you sure you have enough money?” The bar master asked in a slightly worried voice as he lowered the fancy glass onto the counter. His eyes were cast towards a young, dark-haired man who appeared…

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