Cave King – 62


Shiel, both the human and the slime, were moving towards me.


I righted my posture and said to her,


“S-sorry… Uh…so…why do you look like that, Shiel? And uh…what is this place?”

“Oh, yes. First…allow me to introduce myself properly.”


Shiel continued with a saddened expression.


“My real name is Shiela. I was truly very surprised when you gave me the name ‘Shiel.’ My full name is Shiela Veluar. However, you may continue to call me Shiel.”

“If you want… I will do that.”

“Thank you. …There was an empire here…and I was the Empress.”



No, looking at her now, it was no surprise that she was someone of such great importance.


“Yes… That being said, it was nothing but a name…the empire was dying.”

“Were you attacked by another country?”

“No. During its glory days, Veluar ruled all the lands of this world. There were no other countries. We had no enemies.”

“Then, how?”

“There was once an age in this world that was called the ‘Unending Winter.’ It seems to have ended now, but that age weakened Veluar greatly and suddenly. During its final days, the only remains of the Veluar empire could be found here.”


I see.

So this Sheorl island was that last part a great country during an age we had no knowledge of.

That explained the remains I had found.


“It had become too cold for us to survive outside. And so we moved into a mountain that was located in the center of the empire. However, it is all underwater now. But we had the ability to create food without sunlight…”


Yes, so that’s what the sun stones were used for.

It had the power to make plants grow.


“However, we could not produce enough of it… And so we decided to preserve our bodies by freezing them, and have our souls coexist with the slimes, since they only need water to live.”


The priests always told me that the soul resides in the body. And when a person dies, the soul leaves them.


“I see… In others words, slime Shiel has both your soul and the soul of the original slime inside of it?”

“Yes. And so the original slime has the highest authority. So I am Shiel and not Shiel.”

“So that’s what it means. But, why were you underground?”

“That… One day, there was a meteor…a giant boulder fell. Because of this, the facilities in our mountain were destroyed, and passages were blocked… We could do nothing but wander underground.”


It was just one disaster after another for them…


In other words, the cold meant they could not grow any food, and then they could no longer live outside. Then they lost their bodies, and a meteor came down and destroyed their last fortress.


“And so I waited for nearly ten thousand years… And then a light appeared. It was you, Lord Heal. It was you.”


A light. That was an exaggeration… But ten thousand years, huh?


All that time in the darkness… I would definitely have gone mad.


Shiel’s eyes shone as she took my hand.


However, it went right through me. Of course, there was no warmth either. It wasn’t real.


“Thanks to you, many of my friends, whose souls also coexist with the slimes, have been saved. However, many are still sleeping as well…”


Shiel’s voice shook.


“Lord Heal. I have a request. I am surely unworthy of asking such a thing, but could you save the rest of my kind from the eternal darkness?”


To this request, I could do nothing but nod.

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  1. I knew it! That Shiel would eventually get a girl form. Though in this case she was already a woman and was possessing a slime to survive. Anyways I guess Heal is supposed to reach their bodies or revive them.

  2. I would say what a plot twist, but this whole novel is a chain of weird, exaggerated, funny and interesting plot twists, one after another, sometimes taking a break to enjoy the sights. I guess this is the idea of paradise for the author (the title of the novel is slightly longer than cave king 😀 ).
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  3. An amazing chapter! The whole valuar empire plot and ancient ruins will shake the world(or at least the islands). I wonder if healthy will have to return to his home continent and excavate for more ruins/slimes. I love that the slimes are people too, i got a bit bored of slime gathering isekai just because numbers matter, but giving them personalities and traits is stunning

  4. I would give them some points though…never read a slime origin empire before…was not expecting that plotwist when the slime would had turned out to be another girl (yes, I was definitely expecting that…but not for the slimes to be the old civilization all together.)

  5. So my question, the main question that I had since the start of this LN was “wtf is this island and why does it have so many treasures???”
    Now this chapter explains everything… interesting~

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