Jack of all Trades – 15


“Are you good at it?”

“I suppose so. I’m adept at a combined martial art that uses magic and swords. Oh, please keep my magical abilities a secret, will you? I’ll be hounded by adventurers if word gets out.”

“Hmm…I didn’t know such a thing existed. I envy you, I can’t even use magic.”

“You don’t have the aptitude?”

“No, I, I don’t know. I don’t even know how to find out.”

Daniela then stood up and sat on the chair opposite me.

“The aptitude test is easy. You just need to look at the color of the magical energy inside your body. Wait a moment.”

She took out her mask from a pocket and put it on. Then she stared through the mask and into my face. I was becoming nervous… This aptitude test could have a massive impact on the way I would plan my life.

“Good, now just concentrate. Imagine that there is something flowing inside of you, circulating. Then the magic should move within you.”


I closed my eyes and tried to imagine it. Just then, ‘Jack of all trades’ triggered, and I could visualize the magic circulating through me. It was as if the use of magic, or hearing about the actual existence of magic had solidified the image in my mind.

And so I concentrated all my power into it. I could then feel something moving, starting from my core and flowing out towards the rest of my body. It reached every corner before returning to the center, circulating.

Then the magical source began to flow, little by little. It ran, flowing like small rivulets that connected into larger rivers as they coursed through my veins.

But then I felt something within that river. It was around my stomach. I considered it, then understood. It was the place where the thief had stabbed me. And the moment I understood it, the heat revived within me. It was hot, so very hot. But that too only lasted a moment. The unbearable heat turned cool, then cold and eventually froze over. The flow of the river began to stagnate. I became desperate for the flow of magic to continue; increasing the volume.

And then the ice was slowly pushed away. It was a glacier now. The magical glacier continued to run through me. Eventually, the ice began to melt. But every time it passed near the wound, a large block of ice would form.

“Good. We’re done now.”

I opened my eyes then. The sharpness in my senses dissipated, and I remembered where we were.

“Hahh…that was tiring. So how was it?”

Daniela removed her mask and folded her arms.

“It was a strange color. At first, the flow was colorless. That is a magic that most people have. But then it turned red for an instant. Then it turned blue. This was the color that coursed through your body the most, but that too turned purple and then back to blue… It was very unstable. But in a way, that state could be considered a kind of stability. It was very strange.”

It was as if the heat and the coldness I had felt were manifested as colors. It was proof that what I had imagined had been conveyed directly to Daniela.

“I see… So, is there any magic that I can use?”

“A lack of color means a lack of the attributes. This is a kind of magical energy that everyone has. Red is for fire. It would allow you to burn things or cause explosions. I only saw that color in you for a brief instant, so I doubt you would be good at it.”

Uh huh. So I wouldn’t be able to cause epic explosions like a cheater.

“And deep blue is for ice. After many changes, you mostly stayed on that color. It means that you must be adept with ice magic. And last is purple, which is for water. Perhaps not as strong as ice, but ice will turn to water when heat is added. Water will turn to ice when robbed of heat. This cycle is complete within your body. Considering all of this, the fire magic must exist inside of you as a cushion for the ice magic and the water magic. And so it is ice and water. Those are the attributes you should be skilled with.”

It was surprising, the ever-changing colors were flowing for such a reason. A smile slowly crept on my face.


So I wasn’t just an agile ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’!

I was an agile ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ who could use some magic!!

I was so happy that I had tears in my eyes.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    I was expecting him to be able to use all attributes since he was a jack of all trades, but If he can specialize in a specific attribute that may actually be better. Plus I don’t think it’s impossible for him to learn to use simpler spells from all attributes.

  2. For real though, it’s rare to see an MC who has water/ice attribute.

    And again, thanks for the chappie!!

    Hope this will go through though, ever since you changed your look I can’t comment anything.

  3. So… A jack of all trades master of none mc that specializes in ice magic… How in the hell is he jack of all trades master of none then? If he is gonna be specialized in somehing he won’t be jack of all trades master of none…

  4. The title is sham! I mean he should have moderate to high grade affinity to all elements while they can’t go up to supreme grade since he is master of none!

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