Jack of all Trades – 31


Hmm? She seems to say as she tilts her head.

“Should we stay here, or move to a different town.”
“Ahh, so that is what you meant.”

She nods with satisfaction. I then asked her what was her reason for traveling alone.

“I told you about how I lost my homeland. At first, I only moved from place to place as I had nowhere to live. But now it is to see the world. I was blessed with a long life after all. I would like to broaden my horizons.”
I see. Is that right… So, I must have been holding you back then.”

It was clearly me who had kept Daniela here, preventing her from continuing her journey with no destination.

“Hehe. I have never thought of it like that. I have seen many towns, but none so lively as this one. It is quite comfortable. And besides, don’t I have someone whom I can depend upon that is here?”

She says and gives me a teasing look. I shrug my shoulders as a display of relief.

“That’s nice to hear. Well, I don’t intend on staying here forever either. I want you to take me with you when you do leave this town. We’re a party, right?”
“Of course. We will leave as soon as this matter with Beowulf is settled.”

The matter of the southern forest that is. When the forest wolves acclimatized and the goblins settled in the northern forest, he said that he would set off on a journey to train himself.
Ahh, right. I needed to tell her about what I discovered yesterday. I almost forgot.
And so I told her about what I learned from Macbel. About the mystery of Beowulf’s evolution and his hidden power.

“…and that’s about it.”
“I cannot believe it… He is a much more dangerous monster than I imagined.”
“It’s a miracle that we’re alive, isn’t it.”
“Without a doubt. However, we did speak with him after the fight. He has an intelligent side. Perhaps we could reason with him?”

Hmm…It might be good to take some preemptive measures.

“Like, please don’t destroy any towns. I suppose it’s better than saying nothing at all.”
“He is a monster no matter how you look at it. And one that has undergone an extreme evolution. I can only hope that he will listen…”

I’m sure he’d listen if we told him he would be chased off and killed if he attacked any human habitations. Well then, it was decided. We needed to persuade Beowulf. Once that was done, and Beowulf left on his journey, so would we.
I poured myself another cup of water and drank it, then I looked out the window to see that it had begun to rain. Well, it looked like the persuasion would have to wait for finer weather.

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Translator’s note:

Thanks for all the nice comments yesterday. It’s much appreciated, and helped me through difficult times, such as having to translate Asagi eating his food.

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      • Idk. Traveling with them is a free pass to human society. He’s only had to worry about his territory before, but if he gets too close to human territory without a guarantor he’s likely to attract an army or a hero to subjugate him. And areas with humans are going to be much more interesting to an intelligent wolf looking to broaden his horizons than some random wilderness. I think it’s a rational choice.

        Also he can keep an eye on the rival he’s raising that way.

  1. Translating Asagi eating his breakfast was a challenge huh… How complicated author made this lol

    Anyways, thanks for the chapter. Quick delivery as always

    • It wasn’t difficult. I was just annoyed that a whole paragraph was dedicated to Asagi getting a little weird with his average food. Thankfully, Daniela told him he was being weird.

  2. Ooouuu, so in this isekai novel the food is edible, so we won’t see the king eat ramen and praise it, huh! So far so good!

  3. the mc is quite audacious & bold to be trying to talk with Beowulf. Who does the mc think he is at this point? Early chapters he was moping about the protagonist aura or something & now he wants to be a hero?

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