Jack of all Trades – 33


I had stopped by the guild in order to retrieve the ancient elven weapons and was able to say goodbye to the people there. Luckily, Gardo and Ness happened to be there too.

“And so we decided to leave this town.”

“Well, good luck. And sorry for all the earlier stuff.”

“It’s long forgotten. You two take care of yourselves then.”

“Actually, we also travel quite a lot on quests. We might just bump into each other out there.’

Somehow, I felt that that was exactly what would happen. We were adventurers after all. Our paths would surely cross.

Great. We got the weapons and said all of our goodbyes. Now we could set off. Just as I was headed for the door, something crashed into me from behind. I was barely able to regain my balance before falling. Then I turned around to look at the culprit. Unsurprisingly, it was Fiona who stood there.

“What! Asagi, are you really going to leave this town!?”

“Uhh… that was a little rough, Miss Fiona.”

“But my gold-digger plans. Oh, what am I to do!?”
“Don’t ask me.”

“You must return! Come back for me!”

“Yeah, yeah.”



When all was said and done, I couldn’t quite hate Fiona, the overly familiar guild worker. She was cheerful to the end. I glanced back and saw that Flo was waving from her counter. She must have heard the conversation. I waved back.

I look back at the place that had given me a new way to live after coming to this world. Not everything had been pleasant. But a lot of it was. It was a place that held many memories for me. The Fhiraldo headquarters of the Adventurer’s Guild.

One day, I would return here after much growth. I was looking forward to that day already.

□ □ □ □

The last person I went to see was the person who gave me the most important thing since I came to this world.


“Ah, you came.”

Chief came out to greet me today as well. But it would also be the last day he would do so.

“I had a feeling that you would leave soon. So it is today then?”

“Uh, yeah. We thought that we might as well.”

“Indeed… I will miss you.”

Chief was uncharacteristically subdued and looked at me with a gentle expression. It was like a parent watching its baby bird leave the nest.

“Oh, right. There was something that I wanted to show you.”

“Hmm? …Ahhhh!! Is that it!!”

I took out the ancient elven weapons from the hollow bag and placed them on the counter. Chief inspected them enthusiastically.

“You took them out as if they were nothing. But they are incredibly rare artifacts you understand? Nobles would hang such treasures on their walls.”

“Daniela said as much. I’d be rich if I sold them.”

“How pragmatic… Anyway, this has a marvelous shape… What is it made of?”

His eyes never left the sword as we talked. He removed the sword from its sheath and murmured with approval when he saw the jade green blade. His face was one of concentration, even as his eyes sparkled like a child who had found a treasure.

After looking at it for quite some time, he resheathed the sword and handed it back to me.

“I am glad I was able to see it. Thank you, Asagi.”

“I hope that it was enough to repay you?”

“It was too much, you idiot.”

I chuckle as I accept the sword from him and put it back into the bag. It was time to leave.

“Well, then. See you.”

“Aye. I will expect you to have that sword on your belt the next time we meet. I will be waiting.”

“Thank you. I’m glad to have met you, Chief.”

“Bah, likewise!”

He tightly gripped my offered hand, even as he roughly wiped away his tears with the other. When we let go, his hands grabbed me by the shoulders and forcefully turned me around before punching me in the back.

“Pull yourself together and go!”


I don’t look back. I open the door in front of me and go outside. The door slams behind me as I continue to walk and head for where Daniela was waiting.

The person who had given me the power to live. I must live in a way that he would not be ashamed of. It was a small, yet important oath.

□ □ □ □

Well then, it was time to set off on our journey. We had now finished saying goodbye to everyone. Except for Mizel, who was unfortunately out of town to buy new supplies. I had to tell Maris to say goodbye for me. Not being able to say goodbye to her was my only regret.

We discussed where our destination should be and decided to head to the east. It was the opposite direction that I had come from, which had been through the west gate. While we had bought a lot of things, we were still trying to save money, so we would travel on foot. Plus, we were in no rush, so horses weren’t really necessary. Horses were expensive, but the cost of feeding them was even worse.

We arrived at the eastern gate.

There were two guards stationed here, and both had been in the group that had saved me from the forest wolves.

“So you really are leaving.”

“Yes. Thanks for saving me that one time.”

“Don’t mention it! And be careful out there.”

“Will do. Thank you.”

I waved goodbye at them and we both went through the open gate. I had come into this town alone. I would never have thought that I’d be leaving it with a partner.

I look back once we are on the other side. As always, I could hear the lively, bustling noises of the town. My time here had been eventful, the first town I found in this world. I would miss it. Russell, who had come to help me. Maris, who prepared a place for me to stay. Mizel, who was ever light-hearted. Fellow adventurers, Gardo and Ness. Fiona, the overly casual guild worker and the bookworm, Flo. And finally, Daniela who I ended up forming a party with.

They say that there are as many partings as there are meetings, but this wasn’t for life. I would surely meet them all again one day.

I look ahead of me. There was a vast forest spread out before us, but there was also a road running through it.

“Asagi, hurry up if you do not want to be left behind.”

Daniela was already walking down that road as she called for me. I couldn’t stand here idly. Like I would let her leave me behind! I begin to run. Headed for a new place, for a world that was alien to me.

My adventure had only just begun!

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  1. “I had bagan to run”…

    “But I gained too much speed and couldn’t stop because of inertia, so I accidentally ended up on another continent… “

  2. “My adventure had only just begun!” god damn it, was this canned like a manga?
    well just kidding since it seems like there are over 300 WN chapters

  3. Nice farewell chapter, I hope he comes back stronguer, he should definetly train that enchantment that Beowulf gave him, as long as he master it he will have more options.

  4. Fiona started weird, but I like how honest she is. Maybe in a light novel the author can build her character just a bit more so the introduction isn’t so forced.

    And all the drama manga/anime I’ve read are making my heart heavy with worry about Mizel not being in the city and being his only regret, I fear something will happen to her.

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