Jack of all Trades – 4


I take my time observing it. Luckily, the wind was headed towards me. My stench of dirt would not reach its nose. But I should still be cautious, after all, this was a doggie. They had the keenest sense of smell. I wasn’t sure that something wouldn’t give away my position.

Spear in hand, I slowly, slowly, make my way through the tall grass. It was still preoccupied with rehydrating itself. I had a clean shot of its exposed head. I prayed that this wouldn’t just be luck, like with the goblin, as I thrust the spear out, aiming right between its eyes. In the same instant, the wolf raised its head and looked at me. The spear landed not between its eyes, but right in its throat. For a second I felt as if our eyes met.

A creature who lives in the wild, a person who was thrown into it.

It was a brief encounter. But I felt as if something had shot through me at that moment.

With its throat pierced, unable to let out a single cry, the wolf fell over; I slit its throat. And just like that, I plunged its body into the river and let the blood run out. The stream became a dark red. I would have to drink the water here for a while now… But I had meat. My spirits rose significantly at this first meal I had since my arrival. But I needed fire to eat it… I didn’t even have a lighter with me. I may have died under a pile of cigarettes, but I never smoked them. I suppose I would have to…

Prepare some wood and a stick.

I was somehow able to start a fire. I nearly lost the skin on my palms in the process, but, perhaps this was due to my new skill, because I was able to make a fire in spite of never doing it before. After draining the blood, I removed the skin from the cold meat with the billhook. It was not easy by any means, but my motto was that ‘potatoes were the only thing improved with skin.’

After about twenty minutes, I was able to remove the skin from the meat completely. Now I just needed to separate the parts, but I had absolutely no knowledge of how to go about that. The only thing I could do was to randomly chop off the limbs from the body…

A chopped off hind leg is now standing by the bonfire. The bonfire was made by the river to keep it from spreading, just in case. The wood cracked inside of the fire as fat oozed from the meat in large drops. I swallowed my saliva. Ahh, it smelled incredible now. Yes, it smelled like a wild beast, but it wasn’t raw at least. The knowledge I had from when I was a child who dreamed of hunting came in handy. My only regret was not learning how to butcher animals, but it wasn’t even that hard. The leftover parts were tied to a rope and sunk into the stream to keep it fresh.

Now, I think it was looking good. I could not wait any longer. I grabbed the shin of the leg and looked at it. It was in the shape of an oversized piece fried chicken. It was cooked perfectly. The trick with meat was to allow it to cook all the way through.
“Well then, let’s dig in!”

The first piece of meat I tore into in over one day was absolutely amazing.



So, what do you think? Should I continue this? I’m not sure right now. From what I gather it’s a relatively slow but also a hard/violent/mature fantasy setting. No erotic scenes/harem. A single love interest. The mystery about his skill seems to be kept for quite a while as well.

Let me know of any of that sounds interesting to you…

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  1. Please do continue, the story is quite interesting, I looked at some the chapters with Google translate and would want to read this, especially with a good translation. Thanks for the effort.

  2. No problems with the story as of yet, certainly looks fine to continue.
    Hopefully it doesn’t turn out like that chef one where everybody dies within 15 chapters out of nowhere

  3. I know you’ve continued translating it, however, I’d like to add my vote as well. It’s quite an enjoyable story so far.

    Couple more things that I noticed.

    Here: [In that case, I would put some distance between me and the river and hide the grass near the plains.]
    This: [hide the grass]
    Probably should be: [hide in the grass]

    Here: [Luckily, the wind was headed leeward.]
    Note: This means something like “the wind was headed to the side the wind was blowing towards” or “the wind was blowing downwind”. Perhaps it could be “towards me” instead of “leeward”, to make it simpler & clearer?

  4. I like the story and the translation. My only regret is author lack of knowledge, he could have searched information about the horrible taste that a carnivorous animal’s meat has. Even if you are famelic, by no means wolf’s meat would ever be tasty.

    • Thanks for reading. That’s an interesting point. Though, dogs are eaten in some countries, so maybe he assumed it was similar?

      • Probably, I read that dog tastes a lot better than wolf. Wolf meat is supposed to be tough and lean without much fat and (apparently) dead wolves stink to high heaven. I can’t imagine wolf meat would taste “absolutely amazing” without salt or seasoning lol.

        Then again, maybe wolves in this world are just really tasty

        (Okay, I’m pretty sure the author just didn’t Google it lol)

    • I haven’t tried carnivorous animal’s meat so I really can’t say for sure but, is it possible that the MC thought it was delicious because he is just hungry? as they said hunger is the best spice.

  5. new to the story but its interesting so far. i see from the dates tho that all the translations here stopped about 6 months ago so not sure if this matters anymore

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