Makai Hongi – 57


“Why do you say such things, Golan?”

Well, I couldn’t really say anything other than that was just the way I thought.

Corps Commander Nehyor’s personality was hedonistic and playful. It wouldn’t have surprised me if the others disliked this about him. That’s all.

“…So, what’s the truth then? Do you all hate each other?”

“I don’t think so. After all, they fall silent and listen whenever I speak.”

“I think…”

Perhaps he is just not very approachable? I couldn’t help but wonder.

But this was Nehyor. If he gave others that impression, he was doing it deliberately.


The sound of ringing metal echoed in the air.

The General’s subordinates all stood straight.

“It looks like he’s coming.”

Nehyor said. Then the door to the back of the hall opened, and a group of about ten men marched in double file.

They then moved apart, and out from the center came a young woman.

She had curled blonde hair and was gorgeous.

She was wearing a sort of party dress that was black and silver.

“So that is General Farneze.”

I had never seen her before.

“You. Get down.”

Lobos’s voice came from below.


Everyone was kneeling. …Except for me.

◎ Lesser Demon King Melvis’s castle. Farneze.

“Damn it…”

Farneze sighed slowly.

Farneze had gathered everyone to the castle. Commanders and up.

She had known that Nehyor would be the last to arrive, as he was the farthest away.

And so she had told the other two Corps Commanders to wait, but they had politely refused.

Luven had a look of distaste, and Saneifo had few words. But they were very firm in this rejection.

“…Damn it.”

She sighed again.

Vampires and demons were friends of the night.

And they were alike in terms of personality and nature.

As lovers of the night, vampires and demons were far from carefree.

Silent, cold, cruel, cautious. Such words had been used to describe them. Not carefree, playful, mischievous… Those words were never used for them…except for Nehyor.

And so there was an unbridgeable gap between the other two Corps Commanders and Nehyor.

Perhaps Nehyor was aware of this, as he seemed to be making matters worse…

“He is doing it on purpose.”

It was rather wicked of him.

And so if the others wanted to leave before Nehyor arrived, she could not really blame them.

They really wanted to avoid meeting him. However, she had not expected them to leave on the same day.

“It’s like they see meeting him as a punishment.”

She said to her attendants, and they laughed.

Farneze herself disliked Nehyor. It was clear that he was hiding something.

“But he is capable…”

It was with such thoughts that she went to the great hall. Everyone including Nehyor was kneeling… No, there was one ogre Commander who was still standing as he stared.

“You, get down.”

The wise wolf whispered.

But it was easy for her to hear. Vampires had sharp ears.

“…It’s fine. I don’t expect perfect manners from an ogre.”

Yes, certain personalities and characteristics were shared in certain races.

An ogre that cared about good manners was as rare as an affectionate Reaper.

She wouldn’t lose any sleep if this one couldn’t follow basic etiquette.

More importantly, she wanted to get this over with.

“I have seen all of the reports of the battle.”

Farneze’s voice echoed throughout the hall.

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  1. You know, it’s been bothering me this entire time, but I think Golan’s views on the demon realm might be skewed because he grew up in a village of lowly ogres.

  2. For those who want a visual, on the cover of volume 2 there is a blonde woman with long hair in the shape of a tendril and in a black dress. I guess it’s Farnese.

    • Do post times appear based on timezones? Your comment says Jan 9th when it is Jan 8th for me. Odd that wordpress doesn’t change that.

      • oh mine says the 9th as well, it seems that everything is changed to the timezone the website chooses

  3. So I guess the blonde woman in a black dress on the front cover is Farnese.

    Let’s see how Golan messes up his meeting with her.

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