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It wasn’t exactly possible to hide the fact that Makoku had attacked.

After all, many soldiers had died in the castle.


And it wasn’t only that.

The young Dragon Masters had also been attacked while on the military exercise.

The ambush had been prevented, but people still died.


Due to this, it was decided that the truth of the attack would be used to its fullest.


Makoku had taken as many as four of their Thirteen Steps and attacked the palace and the young Dragon Masters at the same time.


This was written as a document and sent to not just Makoku, but Shoukoku and Gikoku as well. It denounced Makoku for its actions. Then dragons were sent to the borders where they arrested merchants who came in and out of Makoku.


This was to show how serious Ryukoku was.

Depending on Makoku’s reaction, the Dragon Masters near the border would be able to act at once.


All of this had happened within just a few days after the attack, and so Ryukoku’s reaction had been very swift.

After all, the students hadn’t even returned yet.


In regards to the incident, Makoku’s reply was brusque.

“Yes, such people were with us long ago. But we have no knowledge of their whereabouts as they were dismissed and exiled.”


Their names were already gone from the Thirteen Steps.

Makoku even had the audacity to use the opportunity to introduce the new magicians who would take their places.


The others that were with them must have been from some illegal mercenary organization.

Such organizations have a bane to Makoku, so we thank you for annihilating them for us.

The letter continued.

It ended with another reminder that Makoku had nothing to do with the attack.


Of course, none of the countries actually believed this. And neither did Makoku expect to be believed.

It was just a formality.


And so Ryukoku tried a different approach.

As Makoku had been so gracious to thank them, they went out on a full-scale campaign to stamp out any illegal organizations.


Makoku agents who had been lurking there for years to people who worked on the fringes, everyone was captured.


There were some who had only cooperated with them minimally. And so this measure to take everyone was most unusual.

Ryukoku also sent messages to Shoukoku and Gikoku. ‘Makoku is suffering from the plague that is the hidden activities of illegal organizations. We must all help them.’


This resulted in Makoku merchants being arrested in Shoukoku and Gikoku as well. And entrance into those countries became restricted.

Of course, both countries did this because they knew it would be to their benefit.


It was their own merchants who would fill in the gap.

Makoku had always had the loudest voice when it came to the circulations of products.


If this continued, Makoku’s economy would take a massive hit.

And so Makoku began to launch a great number of complaints towards Ryukoku’s actions.


But Ryukoku did not care. If anything, it only encouraged them.


Shoukoku and Gikoku were the same.

It was Ryukoku who spread the news. They bore all of the responsibility.


Ryukoku continued regardless. This was revenge.


The spies that Makoku had sent into Ryukoku over many years were arrested.


Apart from that, Makoku’s merchants were subject to harsh inspections and investigations.

If products arrived late, it was the Makoku merchants who had to pay for damages. It was infuriating.


Furthermore, there were wealthy and powerful Makoku people who had their fortunes confiscated. They were people who lived in Ryukoku but acted with Makoku’s profit in mind.


It was surprising just how much work went into the arrest and confiscating of wealth.

However, Makoku surrendered before things got out of hand, and normal civilians who had very little to do with Makoku started being affected.


Even if they had no longer been employed by Makoku, it was an acceptable thing for their former magicians to have worked such evil.

And so Makoku made a formal apology and paid for damages. Like this, matters were settled, and the relationship between the two countries returned to normal.


On the surface, that is.


However, this incident proved one thing to the other countries. The queen of Ryukoku was very thorough indeed.

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Ryukoku – Dragon

Makoku – Magic

Gikoku – Crafting/technology

Shoukoku – Merchant

This has been the ‘Makoku Maneuvers Arc.’ The next chapter will start the ‘Gikoku Civil War Arc’ where we should finally meet Leon’s dragon. Unfortunately, this is where the light novel ends, and there was never a second volume published, so there will be no more artwork.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter, well Makkoky strategy was really weak from the get a go, they risked to much for little benefit, the statistics for their attempt assesination to go well were really low from the beginning, I mean they tried to attack her in her homefront?? It would have been better if they waited for some neutral ground, or instigate civin unrest before attacking her.

  2. Looking at the map, Makoku was screwed from the beginning since they have nowhere to go once the Moon Shadow Road shifts since they have an entire mountain range blocking off their escape. However the leaders sure haven’t helped at all. Their intelligence gathering sucks since not only do they never find out that their plans were already leaked and known to Ryukoku but they also don’t even try to investigate who they might have to face during the mission. Then they send people from the 13 steps to attack both the palace and some students on a training exercise yet they completely underestimate them and only send four who then split up into pairs and one of them is even essentially a new member. For such an important plan you’d think they’d send out more people and that they’d all be experienced but they do neither and get wiped out. Then even after all of that, the idiot king decides their next attack to try to kill the queen will be during the Dragon Welcoming Ceremony where it’s going to be full of dragons and veteran riders will also be there as security most likely. Trying to attack then is even more doomed to failure. Also the excuse they give to disavow the people who carried out the attack end up giving Ryukoku and all the other countries the perfect excuse to arrest all of Makoku’s spies, confiscate the Makoku merchants acting as spies’ wealth and also forcing the Makoku merchants to have to pay for damages because of late products.

    • I think it needs to be looked at differently. Certainly, I agree with everything you have said there.
      On the other hand though, I feel I should sum it up as this: Ryoukoku had the better chessmaster.

  3. Am I the only one here who occasionally thinks that the Shadow Beast Road will be shifting towards Sol and the Royal Capital just to spite the MC’s wish for peace and calm?

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