Tensei Kenja – 89


They had either wandered in here or had fallen victim in some other way.

Considering the amount of treasure here, Meshias Village was not only the base from where the Blue Moon of Salvation dug their underground tunnel. It was the base for all their criminal activity as well.

You would not make so much money from just selling firewood or any other honest work.


‘We’ll take every last coin.’


I ordered to the slimes, after a brief moment of thought.

I didn’t like to steal from people, but if I left their funds here, it could be used to hurt people later on.


After all, the cursed stone that had been put in the Dryad’s forest had probably been made with this money.

I had to weaken their power as much as possible in order to prevent things like that from happening again.




The slimes said as they stored everything that was in the room.

‘You are allowed to take anything you want after defeating bandits.’ Those were the rules of this world.

It was included as part of your reward.


And there was no doubt about it. Blue Moon of Salvation were the worst sort of bandits you could find in this world.

So now that I took their treasure, I would have do defeat them properly.


I thought as I watched the slimes return with the treasure. Then I saw one of the villagers appear in a slime’s vision.

The person was trying to enter the building.


There were five people in all.

I could defeat them if I wanted…of course, that would only alert the others.

Defeating them was easy, but it would be hard to keep it quiet.


The enemy still hadn’t realized they’d been infiltrated.

They would know soon enough, but I still had time to get the slimes to safety.

So I would have to just let them go for now.


‘They’re about to find out! Those who are close to the enemy, unite and continue to spy on them. The rest of you, retreat!’’



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  1. How does he know they had slashes on their necks… It didn’t say the skeletons were headless… Seems like the author forgot that skeletons don’t show signs of wounds.

    • A cut or break on the jawbone, collarbone, or the spine could be an indicator of such a cut, were it angled or deep enough.

      • My only real question is why would they keep the dead bodies in the money vault. Seems much easier to just dig a smaller side tunnel off their stone corruption tunnel for that purpose.

    • Nicks on the surface of the bone, a vertebra sliced in two pieces, and such details are pretty good indicators for chopping and slashing time. Check out some CSI clips, and maybe those documentaries with similar activity (investigating corpses to find out the cause of death). It’s rather morbid, but the CSI (Crime Scene Investigations) series was VERY popular, might be still. Maybe Yuji watched them 😀

  2. “I would have do defeat” -> {I would have to defeat}

    Time for some spy slime activity, and maybe some slime assassin creed adventure. I wonder why those terrorists stored the bones in the same place as the valuables. They be weird, really weird and evil.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation as always! God bless you!

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