The Reason why a Magical Pharmacist loves his Second Disciple – 3


“W-as he alright then?”

“Well, he is here is he not?”

“Oh, yes…”

Lord Brail was continuing to scribble away as if nothing had happened. As if we were talking about someone else.

“In spite of appearances, Syl is actually the top researcher in magical medicine. And so he got away with just one month of confinement at home. And as the research facility had been destroyed, this building was given to him to replace it.”

One month’s confinement. And moving his laboratory.

So that was why Lord Brail had to ignore me for a whole month, and why this room was such a mess.

He must have finished documenting because I heard the sound of his pen being placed on the table.

“As you can see, this building is in the far corner of the castle.”

“Yes. It took quite a long walk to reach here.”

“And the dining hall used by those who work in the castle is on the exact opposite side of here.”


Dining hall?

“As if I could walk all the way over there just to eat every day. I am incredibly busy. Girl, do you not agree?”

“Well, it does seem very inconvenient.”

If it was on the opposite side, that meant it would be roughly twice as far as the path I had come by. That would be nearly two hours just to go and eat a light meal. Most of the time would be spent walking.

Even I would hate to do that every day. I suppose that was just how large the castle grounds were.

“Luckily, this building happens to be equipped with its own kitchen. That means it is possible for me to avoid the trouble of leaving.”

“You must be very relieved then.”

“But I have no cook.”

“Oh, might you not hire one? And I am sure there are many cooks in the castle.”

I say this, and his eyes fix on me.

He does not look pleased.

“Oh, but they have all rejected him. Even people we have called from the outside have fled in fear once they became aware of Syl.”

“Well, that is so very…unfortunate.”

I could well understand the feelings of those cooks.

The thought of having those icy pupils glare at a dish that I made was enough to make my insides squirm.

And those eyes were looking at me.

“And that is where you come in.”
“Even when we first met, you were not afraid of me, were you?”

It was a job. But I couldn’t say it, did that make me a coward?

“And the fact that you can use magic means that you could help with my research. Two birds with one stone, as they say.”

“Ah, um… Are you not going to sacrifice me for experiments…”

“What are you on about? This is a laboratory for magical medicine.”

There was a different research department for the possessed.

Lord Brail and the lady tell me with smiles.

“You may rejoice now. For you will become my second apprentice.”

“Translation: Will you help take care of this research facility?”





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  1. Did the translator dropped this novel? I was really looking forward for the next chapter. but it’s been several month since the last posted update.

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