Two Saints – 106


Maki said with annoyance.

“Chiharu and I. We wouldn’t sacrifice others to save ourselves. Don’t compare us.”

“You say that, and yet you’ve already involved so many people?”

Saia said with sarcasm in his voice.

“I knew people would say that. It troubles me as well. If we just stayed in the castle, no one would talk and perhaps no one would be hurt.”

Maki said as she looked Saia right in the eyes.

“Then why don’t you do that?”

Saia said, as if it was what they should be doing. However, Maki snorted. Oh, she had already experienced this before, with those inlanders. She wasn’t going to feel hurt anymore.

“What makes you all so confident?”


Saia sounded puzzled.

“This confidence that we Saintesses are objects that you own.”

“God sends the Saintesses to us. It is obvious.”


Maki sighed derisively. It was unusual, but Chiharu had been very vocal when it came to this rescue mission. And Maki had ultimately agreed to it. She wasn’t as desperate as Chiharu was. And so she wasn’t as tired mentally or physically. And so she had thought about it more.

This mission had been quite dangerous. And yet Saia had asked them to do it as if it was nothing. This far exceeded the carefree nature of the birdfolk and merfolk.

The inlanders had looked at them with undisguised malice. However, Saia was different.

“We Saintesses are disposable compared to the chief. As long as he is saved, the rest doesn’t matter.”

As the words came out of Maki’s mouth, Saia became speechless.

“Or were you not thinking that far? What a coincidence, Saia.”

Maki said as the corner of her mouth curled.

“Yes, this world is nothing to me compared to Chiharu. Don’t think that we’ll save it without condition.”

Many people thought that they were just lazy and spoiled. And so Saia was shocked by how low her voice was. This was not like a Saintess at all.

“Maki. What happened?”

“Hehe. Saia looks just like a castle knight.”

Aeris said as he noticed the tense air. But Chiharu was oblivious. Maki relaxed.

“Oh, we just get along very well. We were talking about what is important to us.”

“I see. How nice.”


Maki said as she brushed up her bangs. 

“Now, Chiharu. Apparently we can swim in this cloth. Let’s go into the water!”

“What? Oh, I suppose so. It’s a vacation, after all.”

“Yes. Let’s have the merfolk take us out to sea!”

“Uh, I don’t know about…”

And just like that, Maki and Chiharu were taken out to the water.

Aeris watched them with concern. Next to them, Amia said,

“Don’t worry. They’re not going to hurt them.”

“Merfolk do not think like humans. Humans can’t breathe underwater.”

“They know that. I think…anyway. Ah.”

Amia sounded less sure by the second. Still, Maki was pulled into the water. Aeris was worried, but could do nothing at this point. She jumped and plunged into the water. But then her face burst out from the surface.

“Haha! How fun! Chiharu! You try!”

“Uh. I don’t want… Ah!”

Chiharu was also pulled towards the water and jumped. She seemed a little angry, but seemed to not dislike it either.

“So beautiful. They are so lively. It is like watching life itself. Don’t you agree, Saia?”

“…Yes, Amia.”

Saia was looking down, as if refusing to look at the Saintesses. Amia glanced at him before returning his gaze to the sea. Then he started to talk as if to the water.

“The god of creation would not have wanted to save the world by sacrificing people.”

Saia raised his face in surprise.

“The monsters, us, the Saintess. All of us are creatures that live in this world. No one should be sacrificed for the benefit of others. While the monsters are killed, it is part of the cycle of life. They are not being sacrificed. And yet, the Saintesses are consumed in a one-sided situation. It is sad. We cannot forget that and treat them with disregard.”


“Saia. Perhaps I should put it like this.”

Amia looked at Saia and put emphasis on every word.

“Through this rescue mission, Chiharu awakened to an ability to control monsters.”

Saia remembered Maki’s words. This world was nothing compared to Chiharu.


“Don’t be a fool. Don’t forget what is important.”

Amia said. And then he followed the Saintesses into the sea. This world was nothing. It was he who had forced those dark words from her mouth.

Saia could only stand there, stunned.

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  1. Saia must be so proud right now.
    Thank for his little scheme, the saintesses now have the power of demon lord.
    If the god bring them to save the world, why give them a power like that?
    Just think about that, sSaia

  2. Maki is so cool…

    I thought about this before but now I’m convinced: Maki is Chiharu’s true prince, even if they are both straight girls. All guys so far fall sadly short compared to her.

    Honestly, if Edwy wants a chance with Chiharu he should better observe and learn from Maki instead of Aeris.

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