10 Years After – 101


“He also loves bathing in sand.”



Gerberga clucked happily.


“Then maybe I will order some nice sand and make a sandbox in the garden.”


“Luchila. Once Milka and the others are finished, we can bathe with Lord Gerberga and Grulf.”

“No-no! I already took a bath today!”

“It won’t kill you to take another one.”

“No! I am fine! I am very fine!”

“I see.”


He must really, really hate it.

On the other hand, Grulf was wagging his tail. He wanted to take a bath.


We finished cleaning the dishes and retired to the drawing room.

Goran was waiting there.


“Sorry that I didn’t help you!”

“You’re a guest, Goran. I’m just sorry that there was no one here to keep you company.”

“Don’t worry about that. I was helping myself to your wine.”

“I see.”


I poured more into his cup.


“Goran. How did you go about Serulis’s education?”

“…Oh, do you really feel like I messed up? Is she bothering you that much?”

Goran thought I was rebuking him over her poor education.


“Sorry. That’s not what I meant. Not what I meant at all.”


“Milka seems to be very smart. But isn’t making the most of it because of her lack of education.”

“I see. So you need a private teacher.”

“Exactly. As long as she is an apprentice here, it would be embarrassing for me if she were not given a proper education.”

“That is very true. I called several teachers for Serulis. To teach her manners and history or culture, etcetera.”

“Hmm. Hmm. Would it be possible for you to introduce me to them?”

“Well, most of them were quite old… They are either ill or dead. So that might be a little difficult.”

“I see. I guess I will have to ask Eric if there are any good teachers available.”


Luchila, who had been quietly carrying Lord Gerberga on his lap, suddenly spoke.


“A private teacher? Yes, Milka definitely needs one.”

“She’s not the only one. You will be studying too, Luchila.”


“Of course you will. You are still very young.”

“Thank you.”


Luchila said with a bow.

Education cost money. And so he was thankful.


Goran looked serious as he said,


“I thought that maybe you were going to accept little Nia as an apprentice as well. Are you?”
“I wouldn’t mind that, but it is up to her.”

“I see.”


It was true that it would be more convenient for her in different ways if she was my apprentice.

It would be like having a guarantor within the royal capital.

However, Nia had a good guardian. So there was no need for me to ask her myself.


Like that, we talked late into the night.

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