Shinmai Boukensha

Senpai Boukenshasan ga Tasukete Kureru no de Kitto Daijoubu Nano Desu! Shinmai Boukensha no Nikki-chou
先輩冒険者さんが助けてくれるのできっと大丈夫なのです! 新米冒険者の日記帳(The senior Adventurers help me, so I’ll surely be fine! The Diary of a Novice Adventurer)

This is the diary of a certain novice Adventurer.
She started with such big dreams and hopes in her heart…
This diary is filled with ordinary observations, records and grumblings on the daily lives of Adventurers.
The diary that she started, swearing that she would one day become a great Adventurer. This is the first volume.

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