Shinmai Boukensha – 61

Day 61: All-Purpose Flour!!
Holy Era 6102, Month of the Water Serpent, 13th day.
Weather: Unknown

…Young Rai had been acting strangely ever since the battle yesterday.
To be precise, he will not let go of my hand… Even when we are resting.
Also, sometimes, if our eyes happen to meet, he would turn his face away…
However, he stopped complaining and whimpering… Is he alright? Perhaps he is holding it all in?

Now, it was when we were exploring the fifth floor, when a big problem occured…
There was a great cavern that we could not avoid if we wanted to get through…and it was filled with golems!!

Golems were magic dolls made from materials such as stone or metal. And they came in various shapes and sizes.
The one in front of us was shaped like a human, and was over eight meters tall. As for the materials, it was a metal that glimmered with a platinum color.
One thing that all golems had in common was that they attacked anyone who entered a certain perimeter, unless it was their master.

…As there was no way that the monsters in the dungeon could have made such a thing, it must have been placed here by an Adventurer.
I had heard several tales of people using golems as moving walls.
…How annoying! You should destroy it or take it back with you. This is littering!!

Still, what should I do now?
As I am now, it would be impossible to take on a golem that is eight meters tall…
Though, I’m sure that Ms. El would cut it down with ease…
As I troubled over this, Rai began to cough painfully.
Ah, he must have breathed in the dust that the golem sent into the air.
…Here, drink some water. Also, use this cloth to cover your mouth.
Dust… Ah, I have an idea!!

And so I took out small bags from my rabbit sack, which were filled with a certain something. There were ten in all.
I had been buying them every time I had to restock on food…so there was quite a lot.
I would have to organize them later…
Rain looked at the mountains of bags with a puzzled look. Hehehe. You will be so surprised at what happens next!

And so from the entrance to the cavern, we threw the bags at the golem.
I already knew that it wouldn’t go outside of that hallowed area!!
The golem mistook this as an attack, and it struck the bags. After bursting, the contents of the bags flew through the air. It was flour!!
Little by little, the white smoke covered the golem. Now, it was time to finish this.
Lastly, I removed the safety mechanism from the mine lantern, and threw it at the golem. And then Rai and I ran from the entrance and hid behind a rock.

Immediately after, the sound of an explosion and the passage shook violently. I desperately shielded Rai from it all.
And then once everything had settled, we cautiously went to see what happened to the golem.
I used a spare mine lantern to peer into the cavern, and saw that the golem was under a pile of rubble!!
Yes! We did it!! While I was just copying a book, it was a great success!!

Was that magic!? Rai asked in surprise. But it really was nothing so grand.
It was in the realm of alchemy…a simple dust explosion.
Whenever there are troubles in mines, this is always discussed.
Only, I used flour this time to make it happen deliberately.
However, I did not realize that it would be this powerful… Flour was amazing!!
You could eat it, you could make it explode! It was an all-purpose ingredient! I will have to buy a lot more of it now!

So, young Rai. Let us escape from this place while it is still buried! Let’s run!

…And like that, hand in hand, we started to run. It was just a little farther until we reached the surface.

Today’s earnings and expenses:
(Nothing in particular)
Balance: 47 silver, 71 bronze
Unconverted: Various ore, mana crystal(small) x1(broken)

(‘-‘*)Hehe. I’m going to buy all the flour when I get back.

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