Shinmai Boukensha – 47

Day 47: Completion Report
Holy Era 6102, Month of the Marsh Dragon, 30th day.
Weather: Sunny

Yesterday, after the battle, we had to face the arduous task of gathering the charred Namekus.
We gathered them all in order to prove that we hunted them!!
However, they would not all fit on the wagon, and so I had Ms. Noa store them with her magic arts.
This time, they were charcoal, so she did not mind.
Still, how much is she able to store with that magic?
It seems like there was still plenty of space left… It really isn’t fair.

Yes, yes. About the toasted rations, Ms. Noa loved them as well!!
I still laugh at the memory of her shocked expression when putting it in her mouth.
Well, after that, we got a little carried away, and tried melting the rations in hot water or boiling them, which was a failure…

Now, in spite of such things happening, we finally arrived at the Adventurers Guild.
When I told the lady at the reception desk that we were finished, she was shocked at how fast it had been.
And then with a bright smile, she said, ‘We can always rely on the Nakemu Hunters!’ …Ahh, so that’s what we are known as now… It hurts.
They needed to count the number of hunted Namekus, but as there were so many, we used the open space behind the guild.

When we arrived, Ms. Noa started to place the charred Nameku randomly on the ground.
The lady watched this with interest at first, but once a quarter of them were out, she began to grimace. And by the time half were unloaded, she became very pale.
And when the last and largest was brought out, she was demanding answers.
What is that? What is going on? She said… I told her it was a Queen Nameku…
And then she told us to follow her as she walked back to the guild…
I had a bad feeling about this.

…Sniff… We were berated terribly.
We had been taken to the Guild Master’s office… And when I was finished explaining what had happened…
It was all, ‘You should report to the guild first,’ ‘Don’t be reckless,’ and ‘Courage and foolishness are not the same!’ The Guild Master berated us in earnest for a long time. It was like looking at a demon!!
And it lasted for approximately five hours… It was very long.

…I lost my motivation in various ways.
My intention had been to finish the report and selling of materials quickly so that I could take on a different job…
Even Ms. Noa was in a daze now… We should just keep a low profile and find an inn.

Ah, and they said we would get paid tomorrow.
While there were a lot of them, all but ten were charred, which meant they weren’t worth much. And so it would take time to calculate our reward.
As hunting them had been the quest, there would be no deductions from the reward itself, but since there were so many, they weren’t sure how much of a bonus we should be given.
The quest details had said that over forty would need to be negotiated. Hehehe. I’m looking forward to this.

That’s right! Ms. Noa! Ms. Noa!! Let’s stay at a luxury inn so we can celebrate the completion of our first designated quest!!
Didn’t we decide to eat something delicious after this job!!
As for money…it will be fine!!

Besides, there is that silver coin I gave to you!!
Huh? You don’t have it? What did you use it on!?
Hey!! Don’t run away!! Wait!!

Today’s earnings and expenses:
Silver: -1(Inn x2)(Bed: A+, Food: A+)
Balance: 5 silver, 51 bronze

∑(゚Д゚)What!? Ah, I forgot about that… It-it will be fine. Once we get our reward tomorrow.

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