Shinmai Boukensha – 48

Day 48: New Gear and The End of the Month
Holy Era 6102, Month of the Marsh Dragon, 31st day.
Weather: Sunny

Now, I will go to the weapons store today.
The equipment should be complete by now.

I went just before midday, and the old man was cleaning the front of the store.
When he noticed us, he gestured for us to come inside.
We continued into the back of the store and then I saw it. I turned to the old man and he nodded silently.
Amazing. This is my new gear! Even Ms. Noa was wide-eyed.

The upper part of the breast plate that had been destroyed was now repaired with Ant Killer materials. The red and black stripes were very stylish!!
The Balto alloy on the bottom also seemed to be thicker, and there was no longer any unevenness at the top and bottom. The overall design was rounder and cute compared to before.

Ah! And there was even waist armor that wasn’t there before!!
As the materials were mostly Ant Killer, the pattern matched the breast plate and looked very nice. On top of that, the wing materials used on the right and left created nice accents that were very pretty.

I was overwhelmed from just looking at the armor. But then the old man took out a box from the back.
Inside, there was a sheathed short sword and dagger that were made with the same design as the armor! So I got a new sheath!?

I tried picking up the shortsword and immediately noticed that something was strange… Why was it so light? This was less than half of what it weighed before?
I tilted my head to the side while taking it out of its sheath. And then I understood.
The blade itself was completely different. What I saw was a blade that was so red it looked like it was burning.
It gave such a strong impression. Like the sword was shining.

As I looked on in stunned silence at its overwhelming presence, the old man began to explain it to me.
At first, he had meant to just sharpen the sword. However, when he thought of the reason that I had brought them here without repairing them, he decided that as it was now, it could have a negative impact on me in the future.
And so he melted down the sword and combined Ant Killer materials and other metals and ended up making this sword out of a new alloy.
The alloy was called scarlet steel, and was nearly unbreakable. And even if it was scratched, I could just sharpen it again. The old man explained with a laugh.
…He always worked so hard on these.

I then tried equipping everything. You really did it, old man. It fits perfectly.
It was overall much lighter and easy to move in!
But when he saw how excited I was getting, he warned me that I mustn’t be reckless and break it this time… I-I’ll be fine! Even if my equipment is better, I won’t get carried away!!
I assured him frantically, but he just laughed! Hmph! I really will be fine!!

After that, I thanked him once again and then left the store.
I was in such a good mood, and then Ms. Noa asked me about today’s work.
…Work, eh?
…And so we went to the guild and saw what was happening in the back.
There were so many guild workers… And they were still assessing the ash Namekus.
Yes, we would take this day off as well!

As she seemed puzzled by this, I’ll explain it to her when we return to the inn…
Today is the end of the month… The day that you pay citizens tax. But I have no money!!
If we paid it now, we won’t even be able to afford an inn. And so I have to pretend that I’m busy and run away!!

It’s fine. I’ll pay it once we receive the reward for the designated quest…
Actually, this wouldn’t even have been a problem if you still had the silver I gave you, Ms. Noa.

…It’s hard being poor.

Today’s earnings and expenses:
Bronze: -28(Inn x2)(Bed: A+, Food: A+)
Balance: 5 silver, 23 bronze

(/_<。)ビェェン I hate taxes!!

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