Shinmai Boukensha – 51

Day 51: Slimy Encounter…
Holy Era 6102, Month of the Water Serpent, 3rd day.
Weather: Unknown

It’s hot…I’m tired…this is bad.
Currently, we were resting near the entrance to the second layer of the The Herow Underground Waterway dungeon…

It was so hard to reach this point… Having to rely on the light of torches is the worst.
Also, the fact that we’ve barely been able to sleep is another reason for the exhaustion…
Somehow, this place is even worse than the ant dungeon.

Both places were too dangerous to be able to safely rest anywhere, but this dungeon was just so hot and humid.
Even when we weren’t moving, our strength was being sapped away… It didn’t even feel like resting.
If only I had something magical that could make it cooler.
When I asked Ms. Noa, she looked at me with a tired expression and admitted that she had learned no such supporting magic… Isn’t it really hot in that maid outfit?

…I think it was priests…who were good with support magic… Woah, that’s so far away.
After all, those people generally live off of offerings from the people.
Unless they cause some kind of trouble and are excommunicated, they would not become Adventurers.
Well, being an Adventurer would still be a last resort…normally you would find some other job.
Huh? But I think Ms. Marina was wearing a nun’s habit… There were so many mysteries when it came to that community.

Now, it’s time to go down to the second layer.
Up until this point, we were able to avoid having to fight, thanks to Ms. Noa.
Her hearing ability allowed her to detect monsters that were deep in the passages where our torches couldn’t reach, and so we were able to go around them.
As our strength was not without limit, it was important that we avoid any unnecessary combat.

—We have reached the second layer.
Hmm, it’s still very hot… I thought it would be cooler underground…
In any case, we have to continue on. I want to acquire the scrap mana crystals and Derodoro liquid as soon as possible…

Ahhh!? What is that!? Something is on my back…!!
I can’t breath!! Everything has suddenly become dark around me, and I couldn’t breathe.
This was a disaster!! An emergency!!
As I fell into a panic… !! Ouch!!
Then suddenly, I felt a sharp pain, and then my body became numb.
Huh? But I could breathe again… And while it was still dark, I could see my surroundings again…

As I sat there and caught my breath, Ms. Noa warned me with a frantic expression.
When I turned to look in the direction that she was pointing, I saw a strangely shiny puddle… Wait, did it just move!?
I stood up frantically and jumped back.
In the meantime, the puddle continued to move, stretch and shrink…

…Ah! This is a slime! One of the reasons we are here!
I see. This was the thing that had fallen from the ceiling and onto my head…
I touched my hair…and it was very slimy… This is the worst.

Still, it was good timing. Because Derodoro liquid was part of a slime’s body.
And so I would grab this thing and shove it into a bottle!!
Hehehe. Sliding out here like this is how your luck has run dry.

…I finished putting it in the bottle, but it was not enough.
…We’ll have to find more… Let’s continue on, Ms. Noa.
This time, I’ll be careful about the ceiling.

—The exploration of the underground waterway will go on for a little longer.

Today’s earnings and expenses:
(Scrap mana crystals x1, Derodoro liquid 1 ½ bottle)
Balance: 46 silver, 35 bronze

(´Д`|||) Depressed… Slimes…are so disgusting…

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Senpai boukenshasan ga tasukete kureru no de kitto daijoubu nano desu! Shinmai boukensha no nikki-chou

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