Shinmai Boukensha – 52

Day 52: Towards the Surface…
Holy Era 6102, Month of the Water Serpent, 4th day.
Weather: Unknown

Uhh… It’s so slimy…so slimy!!
It’s the third day since we entered the Herow Underground Waterway… And I had no idea that slimes were this troublesome.

Killing them alone isn’t difficult…because slimes move very slowly.
The problem is that they appear out of nowhere…
As they are slow, their battle strategy is to lie and wait. And when their prey is close enough, they will suddenly attack.
Not only that, but this sudden attack will come from right above you in a dark corridor… The reality is that even if you’re careful, you cannot stop it.
And since they do not move until you are near, Ms. Noa’s hearing does not help…

Thanks to this, as the person who walked in the lead, I was attacked by slimes repeatedly…it is the worst…because I get slimy every time!!
When the slime sticks itself to me, Ms. Noa will help by using some weak thunder magic, but that means I get electrocuted…
So the numbing pain I felt yesterday was Ms. Noa’s magic… I wish she would help me in a more gentle way.

Like this, in spite of becoming slimy and ragged, we finished gathering all of the items. We were currently on our way back to the surface.
…Ahhh. I want to hurry up and return so I can soak in a big bathtub… I want to fall into a deep sleep in a fluffy bed. I’ve barely slept at all during the last three day…it’s so hard.
Ah, but traveling has become easier. The reason is because my eyes have grown accustomed to it. The adaptability of humans is amazing.
And so we were able to return to the first layer a lot faster than expected, but…what is the meaning of this??

Water had flowed into the waterway from different places, and so the water level had risen… Some passages were even flooded…
Ms. Noa and I looked at each other and our expressions tensed.
This was bad… Perhaps it was raining up on the surface…
While the Herow Underground Waterway was not currently in use, it was still very much functional…
In other words, if it rains, a great amount of water will run down here…
Emergency meeting! Emergency meeting!!

And so Ms. Noa and I spread out a map on the spot and began to talk.
As this place had been investigated for the purpose of using it, there was quite a lot of information available about the first layer.
Like where the water would flow from and which passages would flood depending on the amount of rain… To think that they had done such a thorough investigation and not realized that it had turned into a dungeon… They really were negligent…
But there was no point in complaining about that now. We had to do this seriously.

We looked for the flooded passage in front of us on the map, and then guessed at how much rain there could be.
From there, we crossed out the passages that were likely to be flooded from our route… There were a lot, surprisingly.
Also, we removed any passages that might become flooded should the rain continue or become stronger… Now, there were only five passages that would take us to the exit.

As we wondered which one to choose, Ms. Noa marked one of them… Ah, the place where we heard a strange sound on the first day.
While it was unlikely that there was still something there, it was possible that slimes or other enemies were… It would be safer to avoid it.

In the end, only one route remained. While it would mean going around, it was probably our best bet now.
All aright, Ms. Noa! It’s just a little bit farther.
If everything goes well, we can reach the surface by tomorrow!!

Today’s earnings and expenses:
(Scrap mana crystals x20, Derodoro liquid 5 bottle2)(Includes what we collected yesterday)
Balance: 46 silver, 35 bronze

( ̄人 ̄)…I hope we make it back safely.

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Senpai boukenshasan ga tasukete kureru no de kitto daijoubu nano desu! Shinmai boukensha no nikki-chou

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