Royal Magician – 11

Chapter 11 – Magicians of Ice and Fire

“She got me. You wouldn’t believe how much I had to pay.”

Laughed Gawain after he had returned to his quarters.

“I see.”

The Ice Magician…Chris Sherlock muttered as his eyes scanned some documents.

“That newcomer is amazing. In spite of her tiny stature, she eats with such intensity that you’d think her stomach leads to another world. She may have the potential to become the greatest glutton in the kingdom.”
“I see.”
“I eat quite a lot myself, and would often take on those eating challenges they have, in order to save money as a student. But she is on a different level. That is no ordinary person. Truly.”
“I see.”
“You do not react much. You should be more surprised! Take an interest! I might as well be talking to myself here.”
“I am not interested.”

Chris replied calmly without taking his eyes from the documents.
However, this interaction was a typical one among the two, who had been friends ever since their student years.

There was the overly talkative Gawain and the serious Chris, who only talked about things that were important.

They were the magicians of fire and ice, and like water and oil, they were quite the opposite. However, oddly enough, they did not hate each other either.

It was possible that because they were so different from each other, that in some ways, they just meshed together.

“Still, I didn’t expect it to go that far.”

Gawain let out a deep sigh.

“Indeed. It was unexpected for me as well.”

Chris raised his head from his papers.
Ever since Gawain had become the captain of the 3rd unit, only two people had ever completed the Sixty Seconds of blood.
Furthermore, only two people had ever broken through the wall during an exam.

And so the sight of one newcomer doing both in a single day had been quite a shocking sight.

Gawain had been the first person to break the wall, and was one of the best among the Magus-ranking magicians. But she had been able to stand in front of his immense firepower without backing down a single step.

Just how tremendous such a thing was…
For these two, who were ever striving to improve and reach the heights, the image of her had been all the more vivid.

“I usually hold back, as it’s not my intention to break them. But not only was she able to withstand it, but she even took the risk of going in to win. I’ve always been able to humble these self-important newcomers, but I’ve never seen someone like that.”
“She must have been working in a terribly severe environment, and given her life to studying and overcoming any fields of magic that she disliked. That was my impression of her magic.”
“Yes, she must have been training under harsh circumstances.”

Gawain grinned and then continued.

“Regardless of how she got here, she will soon make something of herself.”
“Yes, it would be no surprise to see results very soon. Besides, even Prince Michael seems to have taken an interest in her.”
“The prince…?”
“Yes. The brilliant prince. Perhaps he sensed something in her.”
“Well, this is quite the responsibility then. I have to raise her with care.”
“Please do that.”

Chris said with a nod before continuing.

“It really is interesting. What will happen to her from here on out.”

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