Royal Magician – 127

Chapter 127 – Monster

A few days earlier.

Lyra, a girl who lived in the sealed city, was brought over by her magic obsessed father in order to watch the World Trophy tournament.

Why does papa like magic more than me?
I will never like magic like that.

However, she was her father’s daughter, and so she was affected by his values in some way or another.
And so it was inevitable that she would be drawn in by the battles between magicians that played out in front of her.

The spells were so beautiful, and greater than she could have imagined.

Among them, she was particularly drawn to the small magician that was representing Ardenfeld.
Her wind magic was free and relaxed. And she had a style that ignored convention, as she would use her fists and head to attack her opponents.

“Her headbutts are amazing!”

She shouted.

“They are, aren’t they? I’m sure she’ll win the next one, so watch closely.”

He said while patting her gently on the head.
As Lyra was smaller than other children, she saw herself in the magician.

One day, she wanted to be a strong and kind magician as well.
The seed of a small dream appeared in her heart.

After that, there was no doubt that they would come to see the semifinal match.

“She is fighting the small Ardenfeld magician.”
“While she is amusing, the Fairy Queen is too strong.”
“Well, it will be enough of an accomplishment if she survives for one minute.”

No one had any high expectations for Noelle.

(That’s not true. She is strong…!)

However, what she saw once the battle started, was something that made her want to cover her eyes.

The difference in power between them was staggering.
Nothing seems to be effective.


She could not watch this.
It wasn’t that Noelle’s movements were bad.
It was that the queen was too strong.

(Ms. Noelle…)

It was just as she was about to avert her eyes.

A counterattack and a flash.
She forgot to breathe.

“Did she match her speed just now?”

People were confused.
It was hard to accept what was unfolding in front of them. But the girl just watched as if praying.

(You can do it…!)

The president of the Royal Magicians Order, Cronos Casablancas, was watching the fight from a corner of the arena.

Around him, he had cast recognition obstruction magic.
So no one noticed that he was there.

(Reading where she will teleport next. Reactions based on Luke’s data. She was able to do this much in just one day.)

Ultra-dense learning using magic that affects time.
Through concentration and endurance that exceeded the norm, which she had likely attained during her time as a magic artificer.

As for her reaction speed and timing, her being raised as a wild child in the countryside would have had a good effect.

In just that second, intuitive magicians would have felt it as well.
That she had something that was different compared to others.

(But this is just the tip.)

Cronos thought.

(This is where your talent really comes into play, right?)

◇  ◇  ◇

It was all I could do to keep up.
I could not lower my guard for a second.

As a magician, Evangeline felt like someone who was so far away from me.

However, that fact also gave me courage.

Even if it was just barely, I was still dealing with her.
Keeping up.

My magic was effective, even against the most powerful magician in the west.

I was incredibly happy about that.
It was enough to make me forget all of the pain.

I could do this.

A defensive battle.
Every time that our spells clashed, I saw how much more powerful she was.

And yet, I felt more excited than scared.

Jump forward.
Take risks.

I was getting closer to that amazing person that I wanted to be.

There was no time to think.
I left everything to the reactions of my body.

Before I knew it, I was dodging attacks that I shouldn’t have been able to dodge.

It was as if I was being led by someone.

This was a speed I had never experienced.
Movements that should have been impossible.

…What is this feeling?

I didn’t know.
I didn’t feel like myself anymore.

It won’t stop.
It can’t stop.

No, I didn’t even want it to stop.

Keep going forward.
Up ahead.


What is this?

◇  ◇  ◇

“Hey, hey. This can’t be real…”

The voices muttered.
All of the magicians who were watching were stunned.

What was surprising was that Evangeline’s power had increased since the beginning of the battle.
It was like she was not the same person whose power had been sealed by Luke Waldstein.

This exceeded anything she had shown during previous tournaments.

(This is the real power of the Fairy Queen, who honed her craft for thousands of years…)

One after another, she unleashed the beautiful spells with immeasurable power.

The world shook.

The power was so strong, that the seven layers of magic barrier began to creak.
Without these walls that protected the spectators, this city might have been flattened.

However, the fight was not yet over.

Even though the monster’s power grew over time, the small magician did not back down.

(I can’t believe it…)

Attacking and defending. The actions were so fast that the eye could not follow them.

(She is keeping up…?)

Only first-rate magicians could comprehend what was happening at that point.

And yet, she did not back down, and was holding her own. It did not seem humanly possible.

(What…what is she?)

They could not say anything.

And so they just watched silently.

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