Royal Magician – 39

Chapter 39 – The Green Giant 2

Tirion Gray, the vice commander of the Royal Knights’ 5th Unit, understood that his mission was different from the norm.

The crown prince himself had taken command of it, and sent one of his most trusted kingsguard, Bismarck Alstreim.

On top of that, there was the genius from the Royal Magicians, who was the youngest person to rise to Adamantite Rank, Luke Waldstein.

And then, the astonishing newcomer, who had saved the empress of Neunzehla, and contributed greatly to the Potion Research Team…Noelle Springfield.

As Magus Rank magicians had great responsibility, it was difficult to suddenly add them to operations that weren’t planned in advance.
However, the two who were sent this time were easy to mobilize, and had the ability that placed them among the top class in the kingdom.

In other words, he was using the most powerful cards that he could, without sacrificing normal business operations.

As for the other units, they too were some of the best.

This was not the kind of fighting force you would send to the Misty Forest, where low-rank Adventurers could manage just fine.
Clearly, he was expecting them to meet something very unusual.

(So, what will come out? An orc lord or a basilisk? It could also be a dragon. Though, I would rather not think about that.)

Dragons were the most powerful of creatures in the west side of the continent.
And it was because Tirion was expecting creatures near the top, that he was surprised when he saw the footprints.

(What? Goblin lords?)

While they were dangerous, and had a threat level of 5, as one of the most capable of the Knights Order, they were not an enemy that Tirion feared.

(The prince must have been expecting something much more dangerous. Well, he cannot be right all of the time.)

Prince Michael Ardenfeld was known to be resourceful and quick of wit, and the neighboring countries already held him in high regard.

He had beaten a foreign grandmaster at chess, and some said that he saw so far ahead that he could tell the future. However, even he was not perfect.

But these thoughts in Tirion’s head vanished in an instant, as the green giant appeared in front of him.

(A Goblin King…!? No, it is much too big.)

Goblin Kings were a high-ranking type of goblin that rarely appeared in places where mana was especially dense.
They had a threat level of 8, and had destroyed cities in the past.

However, the thing in front of him exceeded even them.

(Could it have…mutated…)

If the mana was dense enough, then there was the possibility of it mutating to something even more dangerous.

(Ordinary monsters become dangerous if they have mutated. So if it’s a Goblin King…)

Surely even the crown prince would have not expected this.

(This won’t even be a fight. We’ll just get crushed. What can be done…)

Just as a violent burst of wind shook the earth…it happened.
A powerful detonation.
The earth and bedrock cracked and peeled.

In one strike, the goblins in the frontlines had been erased without a trace.

(What ridiculous…)

He could not believe the scene before his eyes.
This kind of nonstandard destructive power reminded him of Gawain Stark, who boasted the greatest firepower in the kingdom.

On top of that, the speed was faster than anyone that Tirion knew of.
And that included Magus-rank magicians.

Of course, he had heard about how this person had destroyed the mana measuring equipment, and fought an attacker who possessed a special grade artifact. But even then…

But more than anything, it was how the figure rushed towards the green giant without hesitation. Tirion was entranced as he watched her back.

(As veteran warriors freeze in surprise, she launched the first and most dangerous attack)

Tirion shuddered at the strength of heart.

What astonishing ability.
Even someone as experienced as Tirion could not fathom the limits of that power.

(This girl. How far will she…)

As Tirion watched the small, child-like back, he forgot how to breathe.

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