Royal Magician – 164

Chapter 164 – The Best Approach

Layers of spells were activated.
And while the two magicians fought back at a level that far exceeded their enemy’s expectations, this miraculous time could not continue forever.

As the potency of their magic was limited, the depletion was also severe.
Furthermore, Noelle Springfiled had been badly hurt even before the battle began.

They would reach the brink soon.
It was all they could do to block the attacks and buy time.

“Sorry, Luke.”

Noelle’s movements grew sluggish.
Unable to deal with the volley of bullets, they rushed towards her.

“It’s fine. I’ll manage.”

A flash of light filled the room.

The way that Luke Waldstein moved was enough to stun the soldiers, and cause them to be afraid.

He had never been made to rest for so long in a hospital in his life.
For the thing that mattered most to him, he had not taken a proper break for over three years. And so being in a less than ideal state was nothing new to him.

But things were different now.
The rest that was forced on him by his superiors had allowed him to heal, and he was in better condition than usual.

(Where is his limit…)

The Count gasped.
However, this too had to end eventually.

The output of magic began to decrease.

“Give up now, Waldstein heir. You should know more than anyone that any further resistance is useless.”

Said the Count in a low voice.

“Unfortunately, I never liked to give up. Neither does she.”

While Noelle had fallen to her knees, there was still fire in her eyes.
Luke looked at their surroundings and unleashed magic with precision in order to cover for her.

Count Wilhelm frowned.

“However, perhaps I could compromise in a different way.”

Luke said. It was something completely unexpected to those around him.

“If you promise to secure our safety, as well as the other Royal Magicians, I may be willing to overlook your crimes. I am willing to consider it.”

The Count’s eyes widened.
The air became tense as there was silence.


It was Noelle, who was on the ground, who spoke first.

“No, you can’t do that! This person is eeeeeeeevil! We have to destroy him no matter what!”
“Understand. But we are in a severe situation right now. This is the best way to get out of it.”

Noelle looked up at Luke.
She remained silent for a moment and then lowered her eyes.

“…You’re right.”

She let out a deep sigh.

“I cannot trust you. Why would you say such a thing so suddenly?”
“Because I realized that it would be difficult to get out of this situation if we keep fighting. Even if we defeated all of the soldiers, you have hostages. I do not want my fellow magicians to die during my pursuit of you. And I understand that for those who stand on the top, it is not always possible to end things ideally.”

Said Luke.

“Besides, as the heir to my house, I could help you in the future.”
“The Waldsteins support the king. Your own father hates us nobles from the country.”
“All the more reason to help me. I do not get along with my father. But surely you already know that.”

Luke smiled pleasantly and continued.

“I don’t think you will regret it. I am also someone who will do anything to get what he wants.”
“So we are cut from the same cloth.”

Agreed Luke.

“It will be a great advantage for you to be in a cooperative relationship with one of the three great houses who supports the king. And perhaps with your help, I can replace my father even sooner.”
“I see. So we have the same enemy then.”

The Count thought on this silently.
His hand went to his chin and he looked down with a meditative expression.

“I understand your proposal. But aren’t you forgetting something? That I have the complete advantage in this situation.”
“That is why I compromised this much in my suggestion.”
“And you think that’s enough?”

The Count laughed sadistically.

“No, it is not enough at all. You must offer me better conditions if you wish to satisfy me. Or else you and all your friends will die here.”

He said as he looked down at them.

“I thought you would say that.”

Luke let out a sigh.

“The suggestion of profit forced you to consider it. Rich swine always forget what is actually important.”

He shook his head and shrugged.”

“Why would I ever cooperate with you? I just wanted to buy some time. I was waiting for the arrival of reinforcements who could change this situation. That is all.”
“There will be no reinforcements. A communications obstruction barrier surrounds this mansion, cutting it off from the outside.”
“But they will come.”

Luke said with a quiet smile.

“Our captain is rather soft when it comes to his subordinates.”

And then the Count realized it.
The presence of something powerful.

Something was approaching with slow, measured footsteps.

How had he missed it before?

However, by the time he turned around, the person was already there.

Tall and muscular like steel.
The hair was a flaming red.

The most powerful user of fire magic in the kingdom. The Magician of Hellfire.
It was Gawain Stark.

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