Royal Magician – 163

Chapter 163 – Against 58 Elite

Castro Garcia, a former mercenary who served in Count Wilhelm’s privately owned paramilitary force, had distinguished himself in conflicts within the southern nations.

He had not chosen this path willingly.
But fighting was the only thing he could do to survive.

He never knew his parents while they were alive, and his sister, who was two years younger, could not walk due to her legs.

And so he stole food in order to feed her. Later, he became a child soldier in order to earn some money.

Luckily, he had a gift.
And while friends and adults died around him, he was different.

A natural instinct to overcome any challenge and an unwavering resilience of spirit.

Most of the reward money he earned was used for his sister.
And while he was mocked by those around him, he did not care.

That was the lifestyle that he liked.
It was all for her, his only family.

He thought that blood relations were important. But when he found out that they were not related by blood, he no longer thought it was important.

“That doesn’t matter. She is my family.”

And he continued to love his sister.
In the end, what he needed was someone who could receive his affection.
Someone who needed him.
Someone who could not live without him.

“Just seeing her happy makes me feel that I have a place in this world. That I can exist. That I cannot be too bad a person.”

He needed her more than she realized.

Being devoted to her was what saved him.

The reason that he chose to work for the Count was because the pay was especially good.

It was clearly not realistic to continue to fight in dangerous, conflict zones. And as he could not read or write, there were not many places where he could find work.

He quickly learned that his master was a terrible man, but that was nothing new. Besides, he was much the same.

(I am already going to hell. And I will do anything to make her happy.)

As someone who had experienced numerous battles, the Royal Magicians in front of him would not be difficult to deal with.

He knew they were skilled.

Luke Waldstein was famous within Ardenfeld, and Noelle Springfield had tied against the Spirit Queen during the World Trophy tournament.

Under normal circumstances, he would not have a hope of winning.

However, it was they who were in a near hopeless situation right now.

Their magic was limited so that it was only one tenth as effective.

Besides, they would be tired from repeated battles, and Noelle Springfield had even been wounded.

On the other hand, they were being surrounded by fifty-eight elite soldiers.

(The results are obvious. But I will not lower my guard.)

They knew that even in an advantageous situation, lowering your guards for even a moment could lead to something unexpected.

(We will target the wounded Noelle Springfield.)

The soldiers rushed forward at once.
They would focus their fire on Luke Waldstein in order to stop his movements, and then crush Noelle.

On the others, Noelle seemed slow and powerless.
She likely felt hesitation towards fighting in her current state.

Her every reaction seemed delayed.
And then the rain of bullets was fired.
It was all she could do to activate Spell Boosts and dodge them at a hair’s breadth.

The soldiers stepped forward.
And just as a sword was about to descend on her back…

“Blast Rising.”

There was a flash and their vision was filled with white.
The force was so strong, that it was hard to believe that this was a tenth of his strength.

However, due to activating such high-power magic in an instant, Luke’s reaction towards attacks coming towards his own back were delayed.

And so a rain of bullets shot towards his defenseless back.

“Wind Blast.”

A roaring sound echoed around them.
Along with the bullets, two soldiers in the back were blown away by the wind cannon.

“Good one, Noelle.”
“I could say the same to you.”

They exchanged glances.
At first, it just seemed like they had made up for the other’s mistake.

(No, that’s wrong.)

Castro realized the true nature of it.

(Intentionally creating an opening, believing in their comrades’ ability to cast magic, and use it as a trap to lure the enemy in. It showcases their terrifying courage and spatial awareness.)

One mistake and it would have resulted in a mortal wound.
And yet they trusted the other’s power to protect their back.

Noelle’s spatial awareness ability had been polished to the limit while she supported her comrades.
And Luke knew his Buddy very well.
From the speed at which her magic was activated, to other fine details.
He had watched her for so long, and had an abnormal understanding.

(However, no matter how much power they can draw from each other, there is no turning the tables. It is impossible to get out of this situation.)

The soldiers used their advantage of numbers and pushed the two, slowly and surely.

The difference in strength was obvious.

However, just as they were about to deal the finishing blow, a chill ran down Castro’s spine.

(Their movements are growing more precise…)

Wind and electricity grazed his cheek.
A roar.
And then a great hole opened up in the mansion.

I took him a second to realize that three of his comrades had been knocked out in a second.

(Impossible. But their magic energy is supposed to be limited…)

And yet it was happening.

It was as if the hopeless disadvantage was not affecting them.
They were two monsters, who after being pushed and pushed, increased in power beyond your imagination.

(What is…what are they…)

A cold sweat ran down Castro’s back.

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