Royal Magician – 74

Chapter 74 – Celebration Party

“That’s amazing, Ms. Noelle. We searched for years and were not able to find the enemy base, and yet you discovered it on your own.”

After the battle was over.
The magicians of the other department were praising me.

“Ehehe. No, no. You are too kind…”

I said with a smile.
I had really just found it by accident, but I didn’t say anything about that.

After all, this was a good opportunity.
I should bask in the praise as much as possible.

“Alright, dinner’s on me. All of you, come along.”

Once everything was settled, Mr. Gawain took us out to celebrate.
And so we went to the tavern where we were regulars.

“Not again…”

Ms. Leticia sighed as she touched her temples.

“The cheese plate, and fried kraken! Also, some beef and pork skewers and stew!”
“Aye, thank you for ordering for everyone, Noelle.”
“That was all for me!”

I ate so much and was filled with happiness.
We never went out like this at my old workplace, and so I rarely drank.
But because I was having so much fun, I drank a little too much.

“Noelle, you should slow down a little, if you’re not used to drinking.”

But I brushed Luke’s concerns to the side.

“I am fine! For tonight, I am a mature woman with a taste for wine! Waiter, bring me some more!”

And I continued to order.

“I can still drink! The night has only just begun!”

In spite of their concerns, I felt like I was just getting started.

“The first song! Noelle Springfield shall sing!”

I have very little memory of what happened after I started singing.

From what I heard later, I charged head-first into the bushes in front of the store, and tried to fall asleep. And so Luke had to carry me back to my house.

‘Here, I brought you some water.’

Now that I thought about it, the vague image of Luke gallantly taking care of me had remained in my mind.

“I see that you are now showing your weaknesses in order to attract him. That’s my girl. You know the advanced techniques of being loved….”

Said my mother, clearly misunderstanding something.

In any case, I refreshed myself with some cold water and prepared to go to work.
While fixing my hair, I suddenly remembered a conversation I had while drinking last night, with a certain Gold-Rank magician who was sitting next to me.

‘Please don’t tell anyone else about this. It’s just between us, but…’

Said the magician in a serious voice.

‘It seems that the crown prince has been investigating you, Ms. Noelle.’

I could not really grasp what he was saying.
Prince Michael Ardenfeld stood at the top of the kingdom.

He was known both for his wisdom and beauty.
He had graduated with highest honors at the top university, and beat a foreign grandmaster of chess.

And since he had also been the one to choose me for the expedition, I did have a sense that he saw my worth.
However, I could not see why someone as great as him would waste any time looking into a beginner like me.

‘It is true. I do not know all of the facts, but he has put several people on the job. And they will be searching for any information regarding you.’

Said the magician.

‘There are also whispers about a foreign agent investigating you as well. And so you must be careful. Do not get swallowed up in something beyond you. Because I believe you have what it takes to become a great magician in the future.’

While I was grateful for the concern, surely it must be some mistake.
There was no reason for such investigations to be conducted by the crown prince, let alone foreign agents.
Though, such misunderstandings showed people’s regard for me now, and I felt happy.

It was with such thoughts that I left for work.
I saw that there was a crowd of people around the barracks.
My superiors were chatting loudly.
I tried to stand on my toes to see what all the fuss was about, but I was too short and could not see anything.

“Did something happen?”
“Ms. Noelle! How awful! How exciting!”

The others suddenly surrounded me.

“Calm down. Calm down and listen.”

As I looked up, they explained it to me.

“The annual royal championship. You’ve been selected as a contestant, Ms. Noelle.”

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