Royal Magician – 162

Chapter 162 – Two Lights

“And it’s not just this one. I also have the other twenty-one Royal Magicians who invaded while claiming to be conducting a forced investigation.”

The Count showed us a small magic device as he spoke.

“And they are being held in a building where two thousand kilograms of gunpowder happen to be stored. If I push this switch, then those twenty-one lives will be lost. And so I would advise that you choose your actions carefully.”
“That will just earn you the wrath of the Magus-Rank Magicians. You will lose everything.”
“The damned heir of the Waldstein house…”

The Count said with a frown.

“Unfortunately, the truth is what is reported. After all, I have offered great support to the newspaper companies. Of course, they will not flat out lie. But it is different if I offer up a story that appears to be true.”

He laughed sadistically.

“While attempting to erase traces of their illegal investigation, the Royal Magicians made a mistake and ignited gunpowder that I was keeping for the company. A foolish, criminal incident.”
“Truly impressive. The shadow fixer reigning over the northern realm speaks like no other. He has grown plump like a pig, indulgent and arrogant.”
“Silence, Waldstein. You will die soon enough.”

The atmosphere was tense.

“Sto-stop this, father. We must speak calmly. Twenty-one people. That is going too far!”

Said the son in a quivering voice.

“There is always a quiet way to take care of things, surely. Isn’t that what you are good at, father?”

The Count stared at his son for a moment.
There seemed to be some hesitation in his black eyes.

(That’s right. The Count is said to adore his son…)

If there was a way out of this, it was this son.
And so I chose my words carefully.

“He is right. It is true that we have very different interests. However, one should not rush to conclude this act, without thinking about the consequences. Think hard before you make any decisions. Many lives are at risk. You may lose someone you care about. Just as we might.”

The Count looked at me quietly.

“Someone I care about.”

He turned back to his son.

“I did love you. Even if you were a disappointing coward, I was able to look past it. I saw you as my only family, and the only one I cared for.”

The son was teary eyed.

“But I don’t need you anymore.”

The sound of a pistol being fired.
The barrel had been pointing at me.

Smoke rose.
I did not understand what had happened.


The son was the same.
And in the next instant, I felt a burning pain in the side of my stomach.

I could not stand.
My body collapsed.

That was when I realized that I had been shot.
Something red spread out from my stomach and stained my clothes.


Luke said with a pale expression.
The son also fell to the ground.

Everything felt like it was moving in slow motion.

In the corner of my vision, I saw that Ms. Leticia had freed herself from the soldiers, and was running towards the soldiers in the back.

I immediately realized that her target was the special relic.
With the use of magic, we could get out of this situation.

She threw her entire body towards it.
The relic fell to the ground with a great crash.

And then she stomped on it with all of her weight.

The sound of gunfire.

Ms. Letica falled to the ground.
Blood ran from her leg.

(Ms. Leticia…!)

My eyes widened.

Thankfully, it seemed that her life was not in immediate danger.
While it would not be possible for her to fight any more, she should be fine as long as she gets proper treatment.

At the same time, I felt the magic energy return within me.

Though, it felt weaker than usual.
However, I could use magic now.

“Noelle…! Noelle, stay with me…!”

Luke said as he cast healing magic on me.
It was strange, seeing him so frantic.

It took a little time before the blood stopped.
Was the device that obstructed magic still working?


Luke sighed with relief once he saw that I wasn’t bleeding anymore.

He looked like he had been saved.
Even though it was me who had been saved.

“I’m fine. I’m fine now.”

I said, feeling a little embarrassed. And then I cast healing magic on the son.

“What is the condition of the device?”
“While it is damaged, it is still working. It is not able to seal magic completely, but they should only be able to cast at one tenth of their strength.”
“One tenth. That is good.”

The Count said with a laugh.

“Now I can watch as the powerless magicians get trampled.”
“You won’t get away with this.

Luke had a frightening face. It was like he was someone else.
Even though his power was limited, my cheeks almost hurt from the pressure of the mana.

“Calm down. Don’t let anger control you.”

I said while putting a hand on Luke’s shoulder.

“Noelle, you should rest.”
“I’m fine. I can fight too. We’re buddies, aren’t we? Just as you care for me, I care about you. You’re my best friend, and as important as family.”

For a second, he looked a little sad.
But perhaps I had misread his expression.

Because in the next second, he looked so full of confidence that it almost annoyed me.

“I won’t hold back. Can you keep up?”
“Of course. If anything, you should be careful not to fall behind.”

I smiled back.

(We will beat the evil noble and save Ms. Leticia and the others.)

In the next instant, the room was filled with the light of gold and emerald incantations.

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