Ken yo, kaku katariki – 24

24 – Reunion with the Hunter

The old capital of Viskinel was largely separated into three districts.

On the south-side of the ancient capital, there was the newly developed district, composed of a beautifully bustling commercial area and a modern office district with tall buildings.
The east was a traditional district, which preserved the old-fashioned charm of the capital, with many tourist attractions, such as the ruins of the royal castle.
And on the west, there was an industrial district. Here, a variety of workshops, both old and new, dotted the landscape.

It was a manifestation of the diversity of the city.
And it was said that the character of the old capital varied greatly depending on which district you were in.

On that day, Yukito visited the east. In other words, the traditional district.

It happened to be the district where Count Orlando’s mansion was located. However, he always just passed through it on the bus, and did not actually know much about the district.
And so the reason he was making this unusual visit was because he had business there.

In one corner of the traditional district, there was a charming little cafe. If it was in Japan, it would have been called modern.
When he opened the door, a bell rang lightly above his head.

He looked around and spotted a silver-haired young man in a corner with his coffee and newspaper. The man smiled and raised his hand.

“Mr. Yukito. It’s been awhile.”

Yes, it was Mr. Sylt, from the Hunters Guild, who had helped me before.

“I’m sorry to bother you when you’re so busy.”

I said with a bow. ‘No, not at all,’ he chuckled.

“Well, please sit down. Excuse me, one more coffee, please.”

The barista, a kind-looking, elderly gentleman, smiled back while wiping a cup.

“This is a nice place.”

“Haha. Indeed. I’ve been coming here for a while now.”

Mr. Sylt explained that it was a regular stop for Hunters.

After that, I talked about the academy and we exchanged light information until the coffee arrived. And then I got to the real subject.

“So…I spoke to the person at reception, but…”

“Yes, I heard about that. Spear lessons at the academy… As you would have been told, we do not send out Hunters to train students.”

According to him, the academy was part of the army.
And so for Hunters to teach there, it would be interfering. An invasion of their turf.

“…In the end, we hunters are just cleaners who get rid of monsters. And now that there are fewer monster attacks, we’re allowed to exist because of convenience… That’s how weak our position actually is, you know.”

…So it really was like that then.
In order for Aize Lilieth to become stronger, she needed someone who could teach her.
And so I first thought of relying on the Hunters Guild. Fighting was their main duty, and so perhaps there would be someone who could be a good instructor.

However, as I had not been too optimistic, I had also prepared an alternative, which I suggested at the reception desk.

‘However,’ Mr. Sylt said with a finger to his lip.
So this was to be off the record.

“There would be no problem with someone personally teaching you, Mr. Yukito.”

Yes, me.
While I was working as a sword instructor at the academy, I was still someone who had been invited in from the outside.
I had not taken any tests, nor did I have certificates.
As for me being related to the academy, my position was a rather gray area.

And so I could just learn to wield a spear, and then teach Aize.
Even if I didn’t get to the level where I could be teaching techniques, if I was good enough to teach tactics and how to carry yourself, it was worth doing.
And so for that…

“However, three days is hardly enough training…”

“I could just watch, or even fight you. That would be enough.”

Stealing from Aiza was also an option, but I needed to see someone who was more skilled than her first.

“…Well, if you insist. Very well then. I cannot spend so much time on it anyway…”

“Thank you.”

“However, there is a condition.”

Condition? I tilted my head, and he replied with a laugh.

—Would you agree to help with my work?

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Ken yo, kaku katariki ~ Ken to mahō no isekai ni tensei shita noni jitsu wa bunmei ga gendai reberu datta ken

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