Royal Magician – 94

Chapter 94 – With The Two Of Us

“This is ridiculous…you’re just going to die out there.”

The Adventurer muttered as Luke Waldstein leaned against the wall.

The others felt the same way.
It was clear to see that he had reached his limits, and it was a miracle that he could even stand up.

At this point, he should not even be able to unleash magic.

It was unthinkable that he could do anything towards the monster that would be effective.

Why was he making such a foolish decision?

Perhaps he had lost the ability to think straight.

Regardless, Luke Waldstein did not stop.
He dragged his wounded body and headed towards the enemy.

◇  ◇  ◇

The battle with a monster that was on a different level from me.

I had mustered all of the strength that I possessed, and managed to hold my ground, but I knew that this would not last long.

It was simply the difference in strength.
The undiscovered territory of the most dangerous dungeon.
This boss of the 80th floor was so far above me, that I couldn’t help but laugh.

While it might have looked like I was putting up a good fight, I was just barely avoiding its attacks and buying time.

Even being scratched by its slash attack would be a lethal wound.
I could not let my guard down for even a second.

As I moved in this stretched out time, dodging the treasure sword and chain of magic attacks, I saw the flash of its weapon and gasped.

…An attack pattern I didn’t know.

I instantly cast a magic barrier, barely escaping a direct hit. But that was all I could do.

The magic barrier shattered into powder.

The Undead King.
Its skull began to laugh.

As I was in the air, I would not be able to dodge the next attack.

(This is it then…)

I froze in front of the approaching, final attack. But what then crashed in front of my eyes, was a blinding bolt of lightning.

The precision and astonishing output of power.

I did not need to turn my head to know who had unleashed it…


And so I could not understand it.

I was next to him, and so I knew that he was in no state to fight.

And then I saw him, leaning against the stone walls. And I gasped.

How was he able to do that in this state…

He was always so calm and rational. Such recklessness was unlike him.

But then I realized the reason, and forgot to breathe.

He believes it.
That if it’s the two of us, we can win.

It had always been like that.
My friend trusted in me no matter what.

I was treated as useless at the magic artificer guild, and had nowhere to work. But that didn’t bother him at all.

He always took my side, and had high expectations for me.

That made me so happy.
More than he would ever know.

Fine. Let’s do this then.

Create a miracle.
What I couldn’t do against the Holy Blade, we will do this time. The two of us.

We will kill the giant.

And prove that together, we are unstoppable.

It was immature and foolish.

The enemy in front of us was too strong.
But that’s what filled my chest with a sense of excitement.

After all, it was much more fun to take on a challenge that was considered to be too hard for you.

But if it’s the two of us…we can surely overcome this.

With this thought, I kicked off of the ground.

I felt like I could fly.

◇  ◇  ◇

“Hey, you have got to be joking…”

Who had muttered that?

Luke Waldstein had exceeded his limit a while ago.
He should not have even been standing.

So, why was he able to fire off such incredible magic?

He was using Multicast to activate the magic five times simultaneously.
And the precision was something beyond that of any ordinary magician.

The magic was so beautiful that one forgot that he was injured.

On top of that, what was most significant was that he was supporting Noelle Spingfield, who fought in front of him, in the best way possible.

Their coordination was so perfect it was like they were linked.
They understood the other perfectly as they unleashed flashes of light and violent winds.

They did not even have to look at each other.

After many years, they could hardly know more about each other’s abilities and tendencies. And that allowed these incredible chain of attacks.

Now that he had her support, her momentum increased.
She was optimizing for this situation, where there were two of them.

The shockwaves of magic caused the air around them to distort.
Wind cannons smashed through the field, causing the Undead King’s giant form to shake.

At this point, it was hard to say who was the actual monster.
The two did not back down a single step against the guardian of the floor.

(What is this…)

The Adventurers could hardly believe what they were saying.

(It’s getting pushed back…?)

And so what had been a hopeless situation began to shift.

They watched with bated breath.

Something incredible was about to happen.

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