Royal Magician – 93

Chapter 93 – Something Important

S-Rank Adventurer Arnold was desperate to save as many of his comrades as possible.

As the Healer, he had extra potions with him. And it was when he was laboriously treating the wounded surrounding him that he saw it.

“…What is that?”

He saw a small magician standing there, facing the monster alone.
And he was stunned at the incredible speed at which she activated her magic.

It did not look like the work of a human.
What would allow someone to do that…

It was difficult for him to believe, but he was quickly drawn back to reality by the groans of the wounded.

Right now, he had to save as many of his comrades as he could.
She was buying time.

If the crumbled battleline could recover, maybe there would still be hope in this desperate situation.

(Please. Hold it back for as long as you can.)

That was when one of the gravely wounded men regained consciousness.
His life was no longer in danger, thanks to the healing magic cast on him, but the magician had still taken so much damage that he would not be able to continue fighting.

Luke Waldstein.

In fact, he was that genius Royal Magician who had arrived with that woman.

Luke’s eyes moved towards her, and saw that she was fighting the monster.

“Please. Give me a potion.”

Arnold nodded.
Even if he was too wounded to fight, now that he had regained consciousness, it would be best to heal him enough so that he could at least escape on his own feet.

And so he poured the potion on his right leg and shoulder, which had taken the most damage. And then he got up to his feet.
But there was no strength in his legs.
And he lost his balance, and crumbled to the ground.

“You don’t have to stand if you cannot. She is buying us some time. Just stay away and…”

Arnold began to say, and then he gasped.

“What are you…”
“I have to go.”

The blue eyes.
Arnold could not believe his ears, but he had to stop him.

“No. You are in no state to fight.”

Large beads of sweat were running down his forehead, revealing how much pain he was being assaulted by.
It was no wonder.
He would not be able to move properly with such injuries.

Luke tried to stand up again, but tumbled to the ground.
Still, he did not give up.

He looked at his uncooperative body with a bitter expression, and then activated his magic.

An electric shock rushed through his body.
Arnold was confused at this act of self harm, and then he realized the reason for it.

“Are you using that to numb your senses…”

It was reckless, and could not be considered a real treatment.

“Stop this. Do you know what will happen to you if you do this?”
“There is something more important to me.”

And so Luke Waldstein dragged his body, which was covered in wounds, and headed to the battlefield.
With a firm resolve, he said,

“If I cannot fight by her side right now, then my life may as well end today.”

◇  ◇  ◇

‘Hey, Luke. What career path will you choose?

She had asked him that one spring, during their last year as students.

I will become a Royal Magician.
Answered Luke.

‘Seriously? Well, you’re a genius, after all.’

Her opinion of herself was different from what others saw, and so she was a little surprised.
But Luke suggested she could become one too, and recommended it strongly.

‘…Well, if you are going to insist on it so much, maybe I will try to become one as well.’

She said hesitantly. And Luke felt a quiet feeling of triumph.

His father was a duke, and she was a commoner.
Once they graduated, they would not be able to be together as they were now.

However, if they could be coworkers in the royal palace…

‘It would be nice to be able to work together. We can be the famous duo that saves the day!’

Luke hoped for such a sweet but unlikely future more than anyone.
Due to their positions, the possibility of them being together was so low that he didn’t want to think about it.
Still, he could not give up the hope of being by her side.

The two of them, competing as they studied for the exam, and then bumping their fists together when their teachers gave their stamp of approval, saying, ‘You two will surely be able to pass.’

However, when the day of the exam came, Noelle was not there.

‘My mother collapsed. And so…’

He passed with top grades.
And he continued to be at the top, even after joining.
There was no one to get in his way. No one who didn’t want to lose to him.

That was when he realized it.
Titles, positions and fame did not mean anything to him.

He could discard all of them, and would not mind.
He just wanted to be with her again.

That was all his soul longed for.

And so he went for it, with all of his might.
Brought it together by any means necessary.
Time for them to be together.

What they had now would eventually come to an end.
And it may not be the kind of end he had wanted.
He knew that.
And so he would stretch out his hand now.

To be with her for even one second longer.

Read ahead.
Use everything you have to find a way to win.

It has to be now.

Luke Waldstein exerted all the strength that was in him.
And the pain was long forgotten.

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