Royal Magician – 99

Chapter 99 – World Trophy

The World Trophy that was hosted by the empire.

As I was raised in the countryside, and little information reached us, I only found out about it after enrolling at the magic academy in the royal capital.

The amazing magicians who fought while representing their country.
Straightway, I was captivated by them.

One day, I would like to become a magician who could have such an effect on the audience…!

While I never talked to anyone about it, the hope was deep in my heart as I trained behind the school every day.

All of it was so difficult to do.
However, as I repeated them, I improved little by little.

That made me so happy, and I trained even more.

I now thought back on those days with great fondness.

However, I eventually was brought to reality.

The people that were chosen were just a small group of elite Royal Magicians who had notable achievements.

No woman of common birth had ever been chosen. In the first place, just entering the Royal Magicians Order was already a huge obstacle that I might not be able to overcome.

And so I thought that it would never happen.

Still, I loved magic.

I didn’t mind if the pay was low.
Or if I had no free time.
Even if I couldn’t travel or buy things that I wanted.

And so, please god.
Just give me a job where I can use magic.

Back then, all I could do was pray like that.

It was because of that experience that I couldn’t believe it.

That I would be chosen for the national team…!

According to what I heard later, it was because Mr. Gawain and the Holy Blade had recommended me.

This was still my first year, and I was not supported by anyone, so recommending me would have its risks.

And yet they had chosen me.

Well, then I would have to give it my all so that I would meet their expectations!

Magicians of the highest rank would be there to represent their countries.

However, I tended to burn hotter the stronger my enemy was.

My goal, to become number one in the world!

I thought with excitement. In fact, I was probably already a front runner when it came to unfortunate girls who rely on their mother to cook, clean, do their laundry, throw out the trash, and all household chores. I lived my days without putting any effort into anything unrelated to magic.

“I don’t know what he sees in you, really…”

My mother would mutter with annoyance as she watched me lie around in bed while still wearing the same loungewear from my student days(It still fit, and I didn’t want it to go to waste).

N-no, I do my best when I go outside!

And so I wanted to relax back at home, where no one was watching me.

Such were my thoughts as I spent my days off, first sleeping for ten hours, and then taking a nap. However, I did have one problem.

It was regarding my friend, Luke, who had helped when I was lost and had nowhere to work.

After the vicious battle in the grand dungeon, I experienced a strange excitement in my heart for the first time.

What was that feeling?

Day after day, heated debates would be held within my brain, by the seven versions of me, who had a wealth of professional knowledge. And recently, the answer to the mystery had been revealed.

This feeling… It was a sense of danger.

‘It is likely that since I am so wise, my instincts are detecting that in the near future, he and I will have to fight.’
‘Luke Waldstein will surely be one of the strongest at the World Trophy.’
‘We all agree that he is the one person we do not want to lose to.’
‘Palpitations are a result of stress. I read that in a book!’
‘There is no mistake then. The reason is this wariness caused by a rival.”

The seven in my head never disappointed with their incredible knowledge.

If I had realized that the day the two of us would clash was approaching, then it would make sense that I would start to feel different, and my heart would beat faster.

In spite of saying that we were equal rivals, he seemed to help me an awful lot. And in terms of achievements, he was unfortunately ahead of me.

So this was my chance to obliterate him and catch up, once and for all. Yes, that is what I will do.

‘That’s amazing, Ms. Noelle. To think that you’re more of a genius than Luke.”

I smiled as I imagined Ms. Leticia praising me.

Regardless, I continued my preparations for the World Trophy with great enthusiasm.

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