Royal Magician – 135

Epilogue – Words that should not be said

To be honest, I don’t remember well what happened at that time. I was so desperate that I didn’t have time to think.

Even if someone had told me it was a failure, I was in a state where I could accept it without feeling any doubt. So when Mr. Cronos said, ‘It was magnificent magic,’ I felt relieved and overjoyed.

After I lost consciousness, Ms. Evangeline was able to reseal the evil dragon. And with the help of the Dragon’s power, President Cronos and the other magicians fought against the weakened magical beasts on the surface, and eventually defeated them.

And so the incident in the sealed city came to a close.

“Thank you for helping us!”

In a corner of the ruined arena, I thanked the dragon.
Even if it was using concealment magic to hide, I did not want to take up too much of its time.

“He-hey. There was some kind of dragon, wasn’t there?”
“Aye. And I saw people riding on its back.”

It seemed like rumors were spreading.
And I did not want them to spread further.

A giant dragon appearing in one of the biggest cities in the empire. It was a catastrophe.

If they found out that I had summoned it…

‘Noelle Springfield! You are hereby sentenced to death!’

That could very well happen.
I had to get rid of the evidence as soon as possible.

But with that being said, the dragon had come all of this way to help me, and so I wanted to convey my feelings of gratitude first.

As I bowed my head, the dragon replied in a gentle voice.

‘It is fine. I was helped as well. Besides, it’s rare for me to get a chance to show my own strength like this. Thanks to that, I can brag about it to my friends.’
“That’s good. You should brag to your heart’s content.”
‘Aye. Call me again if something happens.’
“Yes. And you should call me if you need help. I have power as well.”

The dragon blinked with a look of surprise, but then seemed to smile.

‘Aye. I will do that.’

I waved my hand at the dragon as it flew off, high into the air.

“You are very bad for owning a dragon in secret.”

Came the voice from behind me.
It was Ms. Evangeline.

“No, I don’t own it. It’s more like a friend.”
“It’s fine. I like doing things that I’m not allowed to do. That is why you can be my friend.”

She said as she smiled and took a sip from the teacup she was holding.

“Now, let’s go strike the emperor and the pope. They neglected safety measures and put us all in danger, and must take responsibility for it.”
“Uh, I don’t think that is a very good idea. It will be a big problem.”
“If that happens, we can take on the world together. We can win.”

She was much too confident in her power.
An amazing person in many ways. As I thought of such things and looked at her, I suddenly remembered that there was something that I wanted to ask.

“Um! More importantly, I was wondering if you could teach me magic, Ms. Evangeline.”
“You want me? To teach you?”

She seemed surprised by this.

“But you defeated me.”
“I was just lucky. Besides, a lot of research and planning was done before the fight. And more than anything, spirit magic is the secret art of the elves, isn’t it? If you teach me secretly, I’ll become an even better magician right under his nose!”
“His nose?”
“Luke, the one you fought before me. We’re old friends, but he’s also a rival that I don’t want to lose to.”
“Friends and rivals…! How wonderful…!”

Evangeline said with a smile.

“Very well. I shall teach you. Leave it to me, your powerful and beautiful friend.”

After that, we were invited to a dinner party by the Minister of the Imperial Foreign Affairs Bureau.
Apparently, he wanted to represent the country and thank the magicians of every country, for helping to stop the attack of the magic beasts.

Extravagant and delicious dishes were prepared.
I felt great happiness as I stuffed the steaks in my mouth.

Ah, the meat was so good and tender.

“You cannot get in contact?”
“Yes. But since there was little damage to that section, perhaps he escaped earlier.”

The sealed city was still in a state of chaos.
And I heard the Minister talking about the future of the tournament.

As the arena was so badly damaged, this would be the end.
And due to the trouble, my battle with Evangeline was considered to be unfinished within the records.

Because of this, it was decided that the three magicians who had not been defeated, would be considered the winners.

And so I would share the glory with Evangeline and her attendant, Synthia.

While I wasn’t the sole winner, this was the first time that a different country had won.
Thanks to this, I was praised by many different people.

“I never expected someone from a commoner background to rise this far. We in the empire need to start thinking about creating a system that allows commoners to excel as well. I am impressed.”

To have a high-ranking official in the empire say such a thing to me…

After eating to my fill and feeling satisfied, I went with light feet towards Luke’s room.

He continued to sleep as an effect of the strong healing magic.
I wanted to brag to him about how much I had contributed.

But more than that, he might be feeling lonely about not being able to join us at dinner.

Really, I was always worried about him.
Thankfully, he had a good friend who cared.

“Excuse me. I would like to visit the patient.”

I was then guided through the hospital to his room.

“He currently has a fever.”

Apparently, it was due to exhaustion.
Perhaps all of the fatigue that had built up until now had taken its toll on him.

He had been quite reckless, after all.

And yet, because he was defeated, he held back all the feelings of regret, and gave me the information he knew.

But what was the important thing that he wanted to acquire so much?

I was both interested and a little sad.

He really was my closest friend.
And so I wished that he would tell me.

I quietly opened the door to the room.
And sat down next to the bed where Luke was sleeping.

“Hmm. I see you’re sleeping well. That’s good.”

It was night time, and my voice echoed in the small room.

He really was good looking. I thought as I peered into his face.
And then a few seconds later…

He’s not breathing?

(He-he’s dead?!)

I frantically put a hand to his mouth.
And I felt a faint shift in the air.

(Damn it. Don’t scare me like that.)

I sighed with relief.
Just then, something touched my neck and pulled me in.


My world rotated.

I didn’t know what was happening.

And then the scent of vanilla entered my nostrils.

The feeling of the soft bed.
The warmth of his body.

A moment later, I understood that I had been pulled towards him.

Perhaps he mistook me for his pillow.

What are you doing? This is embarrassing.

But as I tried to move away, a soft voice echoed.

“I love you.”

I just heard something shocking.

Well, I suppose he was talking about his pillow, not me.

Damn it.
Had I not been so mature, I might have misunderstood the situation.

Still, I felt my face grow hotter. And then he said it.


That small shift of the air.
I felt it against my cheek.

“I love you, Noelle.”

I had definitely heard those words.

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