Paintbrush Summoner – 10

Chapter 10 – Good Deals Always Have A Catch

“The truth is, something rather troubling is happening now…”

Unsurprisingly, Mr. Harnes revealed that he was facing some difficulties.

He rushed back to the house after being contacted about the attack on his daughter. And when he heard about what had happened, he thanked Menew while bursting into tears.

The men who were wounded were also treated and taken by the soldiers to be locked away.

Menew himself did not have a chance to use healing magic, as the soldiers healed him first.

They then had a light meal, Menew’s first meal in this world turned out to be some sandwiches and soup, and went to the drawing room to talk.

“Being attacked by the giant troll was part of it, but… It is the result of a cursed item.”

“Ah, a curse.”

It was hard to believe, but then again, this was a fantastic world. Such things were possible.

“I myself have the Appraisal Eye skill, and so if I had been directly involved in the transaction, this would not have happened. However, wishing the others to grow and gain experience, I left it to them… Unfortunately, they met with the wrong people. One of the traded items has a curse that attracts enemies towards you.”

He then explained that there were collectors who would gladly buy such curious items. However, every time he attempted to sell it, some unfortunate event would prevent it.

The buyer’s house would be burned down, or their business would go bankrupt.

Well, what did you expect, if it is a cursed item? Thought Menew. However, apparently, there were people known as Barrier Masters, who could cover it in a barrier, making it harmless.

And so he had given up on selling it and was about to hire such a Barrier Master. But that was when some unexpected troubles occurred with different transactions.

Products were of much worse quality than the contract had promised.

And according to Mr. Harnes, the seller was the man who attacked us earlier.

He had requested the transportation of tea leaves, but due to a severe storm, the storage condition of the tea leaves deteriorated, significantly affecting the flavor. And he could not proceed with the transaction at the agreed price.

As for the attack by the giant troll, it had happened just as he was on his way to the neighboring town in order to meet the Barrier Master.

“Indeed. Things are really not going well for you.”

That was a bit of an understatement. Regardless, if this was to be his base, then he could not calmly draw while all of this was happening around him.

“I am at my wit’s end…yes… I do not want it to hurt the running of the Merchants Guild…and so I must deal with it immediately. And yet…”

Harnes looked frantically at the ground. His hands were shaking.

It was more pressure than Menew could imagine. He compared it to being responsible for ruining an episode of a popular anime. Yes, his stomach turned at the thought. Only, it would be much worse for Mr. Harnes.

“Hmm… While I can’t make any promises, please wait one moment.”

So that he could place his money with them and make a profit through interest. So that he could live leisurely here and draw.

Surely there must be some useful magic? There had been something about seven attributes, hadn’t there?

He politely excused himself and left the room in order to inspect his magic, as had been taught to him earlier.

Menew sighed as he saw the list of magic. There was a terribly long scroll bar. And so he closed the window once.

(No, no. I don’t even have any knowledge of magic, so these names mean nothing to me. All I know is that they seem to be very powerful. Abnormally so. Think. I have to do something. A curse… A barrier…)

As he groaned to himself in front of the door, he suddenly recalled the sketchbook and brush that were in his pouch.

“A container that could contain the curse… What if I could just make something like that?”

Manifestation of All Things. In other words, he could make anything, right?

And so with brush and sketchbook in hand, he returned to the room and sat down in front of Harnes.

“I think…that I might be able to do something.”

As he was not confident, he tried to sound polite.


Harnes said, jumping up with a look of desperation.

“I suppose it depends on how big the thing is…”

If he made something too big, then there would be little use for it afterwards.

Harnes then took out what appeared to be a woman’s bracelet from his pocket.

It looked normal enough at a glance. However, it was the cursed item. And he had it on him!

“Here it is…”

“Ah, yes. That should be fine.”

And Menew quickly started to draw a jewelry box that would be perfect to store the golden bracelet.

In his previous life, he had been helped countless times by using keyboard shortcuts with computer work, but with this brush, he could do it with his mind. And so he drew very quickly.

The drawing of the box was completed in no time, and then he willed it into existence. A moment later, the jewelry box appeared right on top of the sketchbook.

He had designed it from the back as well, and the results were impressive.

The inside was also lined with velvet.

“Please put it inside this box and use Appraisal.”

“Ah, uh… Mister Menew… What is it…?”

“Apparently, I was a good fit for a Summoner. This is an item summoned from another world, which will contain the curse.”

That other world being his own mind.

“Yes, even before the baptism, Mr. Menew gave me Cheeta.”

“What!? The things that you summon can just stay in this world!?”

“Uh, ah, yes. I think so.”

This was only the first day, so it was hardly confirmed. However, if it was manifested, then surely it would stay? Maybe?

If it is just magic, then it would disappear once its usefulness had ended. But in the end, it probably depended on what he was thinking while drawing.

That was when the small details were decided. …Perhaps. Well, he would have to ask about such things tonight.

Harnes then fearfully placed the bracelet into the box. It was the perfect fit, and after closing the lid, Harnes used his skill.



So she called him papa when alarmed.

“The cu-curse… It is gone!”


“It is not that I doubted you, Mr. Menew. but…”

“Please don’t worry about it. I am also relieved that it worked.”

Apparently, I had succeeded in sealing off the curse.

“Thank you so much…! How can I ever repay you…!”

“I hope this does not come off as audacious, but could you allow me to stay here for an indefinite period? I will find a job, and pay you when I can.”

“You do not need to pay me! And please stay for as long as you like!”

Harnes patted his chest and agreed to my request.

Now, Menew had secured his base for certain.

Even more than he expected at the time.

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  1. Of course they met in the drawing room about the item that would draw troubles to you, which could be fixed by drawing a jewelry box. They probably also had water in the room that was drawn from a well!

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