Paintbrush Summoner – 11

Chapter 11 – There is a Responsibility to Explain

The time had finally come.

And so while in his pajamas, he crawled into bed and planted his head firmly onto his pillow.

Everything was fine. Just perfect.

“Uhh, I’m supposed to say his name 3 times, I think… Seker, Seker, Seker.”

And then he closed his eyes. His consciousness drifted… No, it was like he was caught on something. Now he was rising up!

He frantically opened his eyes again, only to find himself in that white space. And the gentleman in the British suit was drinking tea and waving to him.

“You were quite quick to call for me. Was there a problem?”

“Quite a few!”

“Well, well. Sit down first. You can sit on the floor if it is more comfortable.

He pointed to a spot on the carpet, and so Menew sat there.

Seker then poured a cup of tea and placed it in front of Menew. There were also some sweets that had appeared out of nowhere. However, Menew had other things on his mind.

“Nevermind that! What is happening?”

“Are you not pleased then? I thought this was in line with common manners in Japan…”

“Oh, the manners are more perfect than I have ever seen! I don’t even know anything about manners! No, that’s not what I…”

Menew scratched his head.

“I thought I asked you.”

“What do you mean?”

“When deciding everything! I wanted to live a life where I can just draw without any issues!”

“And were you unable to do that? I made sure that you would have a perfect base.”

“Well, that part is true.”

“And I am sure you should have no complaints in terms of money. Also, there should be plenty of drawing materials and tools at the house. Enough for the rest of your life.”

“Well, yes…”

“Furthermore, I gave you the status and skill to deal with any Demon Kings who might attack you. And also money, so you won’t be forced into labor.”

“That is what I mean!”

Also, why did he have to mention Demon Kings? Was that a flag?

“It is too much! Also, what is that skill! Magic that makes the pictures I draw turn into reality!? A drawn picture of mochi is a drawn picture of mochi because you cannot eat it.”

This was said all in one breath, but Seker just chuckled.

“Well, Menew. You give life to the things that you draw.”

“I have no memory of doing such a thing.”

“Oh, but you did. Remember? It was about 1 year ago. An anime that you did key animation for. It went viral.”

Menew had worked on so many projects that his memory of each could be quite vague. However, that was one work that he could not forget.

Because it was the first anime where he was in charge of key animation and was also the animation director.

Based on Egyptian mythology, it was a modern fantasy story where Horus-tan, the embodiment of the god Horus, is dumped onto the laid-back protagonist in a modern world and they become entangled in various mythological high jinks.

It was a completely original anime, but later had a comic adaptation, ‘Flying! Horus-tan.’ Also, the theme song had been very popular.

“Don’t you remember? My name.”

“Name? Sek…Seker!? Secchan!?”

“So you do remember.”

Seker…Secchan, was a deity of the underworld, who supported Osiris, the brother of Set, who appeared as an enemy.

Horus-tan had gone to see Osiris, and learned more about Set. It was around that point that the story gained some depth…

Seker, or Secchan, had been the key figure in all of it. After feeling human warmth for the first time in the Underworld, Secchan started to fall for the protagonist. The cheerful personality of this supporting character was well received by the audience, and figures of Secchan flew off of shelves…

“Do-do you mean…when your rank as a god rose…”

“Yes. The anime you worked on increased my fame and people’s faith in me, to the point where I became powerful enough to reincarnate someone like you, even though you are not a believer.”

“But what…why… Secchan!?”

“Your art is amazing. I have seen some of your other work as well, and you draw as if they are alive. I was so impressed, given how terrible your tools are.”

But they were the most advanced machines?

Well, perhaps they looked that way compared to the brush.

“I am the god of the Underworld and of art. And thanks to you, my rank was raised. What do you think? We are a perfect match, are we not?”

“Uh, well, I suppose…”

The problem was that Secchan was a girl, while Seker was a man. And he was starting to feel very uncomfortable about the idea that he had taken the person in front of him and turned him into a two-dimensional, cute girl character.

“We-well, I still don’t know why you had to add so much magic and skills…”

“Ah, the problem of the skills. The truth is, they were a gift from the god, Horus.”

Seker said with a chuckle.

Hey, wait, wait. Why Horus-tan?

“The protagonist and most popular character. Many people became actual believers after learning about his story. With this power, you should be fine no matter what happens. After all, you can make anything you want. He told me, with a laugh.”


“And he is one of the main gods. I could not object.”

“Grr… So I must accept it then…”

“He wanted to meet you. So perhaps you can tell him then?”

“Huh? I can meet him?”

“However, telling him your opinions is a different matter…”

Seker added in a quiet voice that Menew did not hear.

In any case, he understood that this was not a problem that could be solved now.

“…I understand. For now, I don’t have anything in particular that is troubling me… So it’s fine. Thank you.”

“You are welcome. …I am relieved. It would have been very difficult to deal with complaints about it being insufficient, after your status was stacked to such a degree.”

“No, well. The skills are one thing, but there is so much magic. And status too.”

“It had to be that much, or what would you do against a powerful enemy like Set? I learned that from watching Horus-tan.”

“But that series is a work of fiction, and has nothing to do with actual gods!”

Somehow, in spite of sleeping, he was feeling even more tired.

“In any case, I have no…complaints with what I was given.”

Aside from them being too numerous.

“Good. The Divine Artist is quite wonderful, isn’t it? You really are a divine artist, after all.”

“Ah, by the way. What exactly do skills…”

And then the floor opened from under his feet.

And he was suddenly plunged into black emptiness.

“So morning has come then. See you again.”

Seker said as he waved his hand towards the falling Menew.

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