Paintbrush Summoner – 12

Chapter 12 – Adventurers Guild

“What an awful dream…”

Menew muttered as he touched his forehead.

People were moving in different directions around him. It was a lively town.

He had hitched a ride on Harnes’s carriage, as he headed to the Merchants Guild. And from there, he and Valette would go to the Adventurers Guild.

“Are you alright? You look a little pale…”

Valette and Cheeta peered into his face, and so he laughed in order to reassure them.

“No, I’m fine. …By the way, are there any other guilds, besides the Merchant and Adventurers Guild?”

It was something he had been curious about, and so he used it to change the subject.

“Indeed. There are four different guilds in this town. The Merchants Guild, where my father works as branch chief. Merchants register there. And we are currently headed to…”

“The Adventurers Guild.”

“Yes. A place where people like you, who are suited for battle and exploration, register to receive work. As it can be dangerous, there is some training and classes you have to take first.”

So the Merchants Guild was like the Chamber of Commerce and the Adventurers Guild was like the Public Employment Security Office. Menew nodded.

“And then we have the Medical Guild. Healers, who specialize in treating the wounded and ill, Spell Breakers, who remove curses, and Barrier Masters, etcetera, register there. They also send out their Healers to work in Adventurer parties.”

So it was like a dispatch company for hospitals and doctors.

“Lastly, there is the Knights Guild. This guild is run by the state. They send soldiers and knights to various settlements in order to maintain the peace and recruit new soldiers. They are the biggest guild after the Merchants Guild.”

So they were like the police or army.

“Thank you. Well, it looks like the Adventurers Guild really is the place for me.”

“Indeed. Even if it’s the Adventurers Guild, there are all kinds of jobs you can take. And so I do think it is right for you.”

Just then, as he had been distracted while walking, he bumped into a certain man.

“Ah, sorry… Uh…”

Sharp eyes glared at him.

He had felt something hard when crashing into him. And he now saw that it was because the person was in full armor. He was also very tall and appeared to be muscular.

The young knight had long, platinum blonde hair and looked at him without interest before turning away and leaving.

“Are you alright? That was Sir Ralph, who serves as the head of the Knights Guild.”

“At such a young age? How amazing. I hope I did not offend him.”

“I think…it should be fine… He can be rather unfriendly, but will help you when you need it.”

Valette said with a far away look as her eyes followed his back.

Menew understood at once. That was the face of a girl who was in love. He had drawn such expressions many times, but never actually saw one in real life.

(The perfect picture…)

Instead of thinking about how pretty she was or feeling disappointment, his main impulse was to wish that he could capture the moment with his art.

However, he was still worried about drawing people at this time. What if they came to life? What would he do if it was a real living creature?

“Now, Mr. Menew. We have arrived.”

“Oh, so it’s this place…”

At a glance, it looked similar to a two-story civilian house made of bricks. However, there was indeed a sign hanging in the front.

He entered with a slight feeling of nervousness. There was a counter near the wall to the left, and the place was filled with lively Adventurers who ate, drank and rested.

There were round tables spread out, where you could stand and eat.

“Welcome. Have you come for work? Or to register?”

Said a girl with glasses who stood at the nearest counter.

She had chestnut colored hair that went to her shoulders and looked quite young.

“Uh, register.”

“Then please come this way. I will be your guide. You can call me Mia.”

When I moved in front of her, I saw a similar stone tablet to the one at the church.

“I have to open my status?”

“Some of the information will be registered, that is all. Data such as your level and age will be linked, so that it can be updated automatically.”

It was really a high-tech stone tablet.

“In any case, can you show it to me?”

She said, and then opened her own status window.

The name was Mia, and her age was 21? She looked younger. And her job was ‘Acrobat.’
While she was working at the desk right now, she also must work as an Adventurer.

Valette had also opened her status, and so Menew did the same.

“I see. A Summoner. But there are so many different kinds of jobs… What can you summon?”

“Uh… The thing is… I fell off a cliff during my travels and lost my memory…”

“Oh, dear. So you cannot use any summoning arts then?”

“Actually, Mr. Menew summoned my Cheeta, right here. Yesterday.”

Valette said with a laugh as she petted the bird on her shoulder. Cheeta chirped happily in reply.

When I looked back to Mia…she had frozen.


“Mr. Menew, you must be some kind of genius!? There are those who do normal summons, where you use MP for the duration, and then the permanent summons involving contracts with monsters and magical beasts! But permanent summons are very rare!”

(Uhh…people were starting to gather around and watch… At least she didn’t cry… But uh…the air is uncomfortable… I feel sick…)

As the other Adventurers in the guild watched, he would have to finish his registration.

On top of that, for some reason, a Level 60 swordsman said he wanted to fight him, and it was decided that they would have a duel behind the guild… People were even starting to place bets, and no one would listen to Menew’s objections.

“Well, I don’t really mind. So, what should I do…”

He wondered as he stood in the maneuvering ground. Valette was sitting in the spectator seat and smiling as if she did not have a shred of doubt regarding his victory. When their eyes met, she waved at him, and so he waved back.

(Why did this happen… Ah, Seker… Horus-tan…what he did to my status and skills…)

The knight was in his mid thirties. Probably a veteran.

He wielded his two-handed sword as if it weighed very little.

As for Menew, he had a pen in his right hand and a sketchbook in his left.

“Match, begin!”

“Well, you are responsible for this!”

And Menew began to draw furiously.

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