My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 364

I Taught Liza to Knock

“…No, it’s not a mistake… What is she thinking? Is her name even allowed to be here?”
“I don’t think it’s as simple as it being a good opportunity… Well, I will have to ask Sebastain. No, maybe I should ask her directly?”

The name that was written there was Claire Liebert.
She was the daughter of the duke. So it did not make sense for me to become her employer.
I didn’t know what led to her name being added, but I would have plenty of questions to ask tomorrow.
Leo barked behind me. It seemed like she thought it was a good idea.

“Haah… But why… Could it be…”

This morning, Ms. Claire had looked fairly strange when she saw me accept the list.
Perhaps she was expecting me to comment on this.
In any case, Mr. Ekenhart had in turn been watching Ms. Claire with amusement. So it’s possible that they all knew.

“I will have to ask all of them then.”
“I’m back!”
“Lady Liza. You have to knock when entering a room.”

After I had finished writing all my notes, the door burst open and Liza stormed into the room.
She had returned from her bath, so her hair was damp and steam was rising from her head.
Ms. Lyra followed after her.

It was good that she was full of energy, but it’s true that one should knock before entering someone’s room.
Though, it did show how much trust she had in us.

“Indeed, Liza. It is important to knock when entering a room.”
“It is?”
“Aye, it is. You wouldn’t want to give someone a shock, would you?”
“…Oh, okay. I’ll knock next time then!”
“That’s a good girl.”

It was best to tell them of such things when they were young.
Liza nodded understandingly and promised to knock next time.
I patted her on the ears and she laughed happily. She really did remind me of a cat sometimes…

Well, she knew nothing about knocking or manners in general, so it was no wonder.
I wasn’t even one to care about manners that much, but I had to teach her the bare minimum I suppose.
…Besides, it might be a good time for me to learn as well.

“Thank you, Ms. Lyra.”
“Not at all. She was very well behaved once again.”
“I see. Good for you, Liza.”
“Ehehe. Sister Lyra and Sister Gelda are very nice, so I like them!”
“Hohoho. Thank you, Lady Liza.”

She really had become fond of Ms. Gelda and Ms. Lyra then.
And Ms. Lyra seemed very pleased to hear it.

Now that I thought about it, Ms. Lyra had also come from the orphanage… She had even known Milina.
That was probably why she was so good with taking care of younger children.
And it was not hard to see why children would like her.

“Well, good night, Mr. Takumi.”
“Yes, thank you. Good night.”
“Good night, Sister Lyra!”
“Yes. Hehe.”

Ms. Lyra bowed and then left the room.

“Well, it’s my turn to go and take a bath then.”
“See you later!”

I got up from my chair and stretched before picking up a change of clothes.
I had been sitting for some time, so my limbs felt a bit stiff.
And so I left Liza with Leo and headed for the bathing room.

…I guess Leo was not going to accompany me if I didn’t make her.
But I was just glad that she didn’t hate it as much as before.

After my bath, I returned to the room and picked up Liza, who had fallen asleep next to Leo, and placed her on the bed without waking her. And then I went to sleep.
I just hoped she would not have sad dreams this time.


I woke up to the sounds of someone chuckling nearby.
My eyes opened and I looked to the side and saw that Liza was laughing as she slept.
So she had a pleasant dream after all.

“Good morning, Leo.”

Leo was already awake, and she had her head resting on the side of the bed.
She opened her mouth wide and let out a yawn.
I suppose she woke up early in order to look at Liza?

“Good morning, Liza.”

When I sat up, Liza opened her eyes.
There were no traces of tears as she rubbed her eyes this time. She then got up and greeted us.
Leo wagged her tail and barked in reply.
Relieved that she was smiling, I then got out of bed in order to prepare for the day.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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