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Telling Ms. Anne About ‘Weed Cultivation’

“Good morning, Mr. Takumi, Leo and Liza.”
“Morning, Tilura. You look well today.”
“Good morning sister Tilura!”
“Yes, I feel great! You seem well too, Liza!”

Just as I was starting to prepare for the day, Tilura came to the room.
She was cheerful as always, and Liza was happy to see her.
They really seemed to get along.

“Good morning.”

Tilura helped Liza get ready, and then we went down to the dining hall.
Ms. Claire, Mr. Ekenhart, and Ms. Anne were already waiting at their seat.
Ms. Anne had the same ribbon hair-style as yesterday… She really did not want Liza to be scared of her, I suppose.
The food was promptly served and we all ate.

“Ah, that’s right. I was able to look through the list yesterday.”
“Oh, is that right? Any opinions on it?”
“Yes, was there anyone that you were interested in?”

I decided to bring up the list, as I had some questions to ask.
Mr. Ekenhart immediately looked amused, but Sebastian’s expression did not change as they turned to me.
Ms. Claire’s hands stopped as she was eating, and I saw her flinch… She was definitely concerned about my reaction then.
Ms. Anne seemed puzzled by this, while Tilura, Liza, Leo and Sherry were only focused on their food and had no interest in our conversation.

“Indeed… I do think that I will hire a few people. But can I ask a few questions first?”
“Yes, please do.”

I took out my notes and started to question Sebastian.
Occasionally, Mr. Ekenhart would add something, and my questions would be answered.
As for Ms. Claire, she did not take another bite of her food and seemed to be waiting anxiously…
I did not want to prolong this state she was in, but there was one other thing I had to ask first.

“Also… Yes… I was wondering about that other thing, concerning me.”
“You, Mr. Takumi… I suppose you are referring to the method in which the herbs are created.”
“Yes. I understand that we do not want it to be known far and wide. But to keep it completely secret…”
“Indeed… Your Grace?”
“Hmm. Well, it’s a good opportunity.”

As my ability was very useful, it had been decided to limit the number of people who knew about it.
But it didn’t seem right to not tell people that I would be working with. Besides, it might lead to a lack of trust.
Well, I was sure that Sebastian and the others didn’t expect that level of secrecy to begin with.
That was why the list contained information about whether a person was tight lipped or liked to spread rumors.

After I asked this question, Sebastian turned to Mr. Ekenhart.
Mr. Ekenhart then chuckled and turned to Ms. Anne.
Ms. Anne…?

“She is with us now. You cannot hide it forever. Besides, it will be easier in the future if she knows.”
“That is true. Are you fine with that, Mr. Takumi?”
“Telling her? If that is your decision, Mr. Ekenhart, then I think it is fine. As long as she is in your charge, then she cannot do anything troublesome.”
“Yes, exactly.”

Apparently, he wanted me to tell Ms. Anne about my ability.
I had not told her about it up until now. I had always kept things vague.
That being said, I might have let it slip, and she could have made some guesses based on things that the others had said.

Only Sebastian would have avoided that.
I suppose it depended on how interested Ms. Anne was whenever we talked about my herbs.
Well, she could not do anything while the duke was monitoring her. And even if she tried, we could easily put a stop to it. So I didn’t mind telling her.
Though, I still felt a little anxious due to how unpredictable she could be…

“Anne, do you have a moment?”
“What is it, Your Grace?”
“It’s about Mr. Takumi…”

After coughing, Mr. Ekenhart turned to Ms. Anne.
She was quite surprised, as her attention had been fixed on Liza and Sherry, but she quickly composed herself and answered him with a serious expression.
Clearly, she detected that this was important.
Ms. Claire seemed a little annoyed that the conversation was still not about her, but she made a show of being composed as well.

“Mr. Takumi, you say? What could it be… Oh, has he finally agreed to marry me?”

Ms. Anne, you still haven’t given up…

“That is not it at all. It is about Mr. Takumi’s special ability.”
“Oh, that. He has a great deal of knowledge about weeds or something? Oh, and he can be friends with Silver Fenrirs… Yes, that is quite special.”
“…Uh, no, that’s not it.”

Apparently, Ms. Anne hadn’t noticed my Gift at all.
Well, I suppose it meant I had been good at hiding it then. Or she was just stupid.
Perhaps she had been too busy with being scared of Leo, fawning over Sherry, and trying to get Liza to like her. So she wasn’t paying that much attention to me…

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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