Seisan Mahoushi – 176

Chapter 176 – We Returned From The Expedition!

On our way back to Fendel, we of the Fendel Knights Order, stayed in Varthburg, as our final stop.

After staying for one night, we prepared to depart once again.

It was still early. If we left down, we should be able to reach Fendel before nightfall.

Solm came to see us off, and said,

“Sir Joshua. Thank you for everything.”

As someone who governed Varthburg, the state of the kingdom was a serious matter.

If the kingdom to the north was to fall to the Demon King, then that would isolate Varthburg. They would no longer be able to expect reinforcements or supplies.

That being said, the expedition had not been for them. It was something that I wanted to do personally.

“As I’ve told you before, it was nothing. I wanted to enter an alliance with Iris…Ylis anyway. And we were able to make a good impression with the citizens of the city. It was a very fruitful expedition for us.”
“I am glad to hear that. And I am relieved to hear that Iris is doing well now… Still, I did not realize she was royalty. And she had now risen to queen.”
“I was shocked as well. But it is a good thing for both of us, Solm.”
“Indeed. As we are old friends, she will listen to us. I am grateful for that.”

Solm said with a relieved expression.

“That being said, it looks like life in Varthburg has become a lot more stable.”

I said, and Solm nodded in agreement.

“It’s because you built houses and crafted tools. And we get fresh fish from Fendel every day. Once it’s harvest season, our food situation will become stable as well. And some of my old acquaintances have answered me, and say they will come.”
“I see. In any case, let me know if you ever need anything. We are neighbors, and should continue to help each other.”
“Yes. Thank you.”
“Good bye then.”

I said my farewells and then joined the others as we made our way back to Fendel.

As we rode the carriage down the road, Melk, who was sitting next to me, looked at the lands around us.

“We are so close that it is like we have already returned.”
“Yes, it‘s all familiar scenery… Fendel should be visible soon.”

Asuha looked like she was homesick.

Mette muttered,

“But it was quite an adventure. Giant human cities. So many people that they looked like ants… the world is a big place.”
“The royal capital is a big city. But the imperial capital is more than ten times bigger.”

Mette tilted her head to the side. It seemed like she had trouble imagining it. And I didn’t know how to explain it.

“Baahh! I heard that there is a castle in the imperial city that is bigger than the Demon King’s castle. I would like to go one day! Maybe we can find others similar to us, aside from these!”

Celes said as she looked at the sheep on either side of her.

Behind us, there was a herd of about a hundred sheep. Not just sheep, but other livestock such as horses, donkeys, goats, and chickens as well.

Ymir saw them and said,

“Still, we sure gathered a lot.”
“Well, people from the capital gave us some, aside from the ones we bought.”

Iria said.

Before leaving, we had bought many things in the city. And the people had also given us gifts, because we had defeated the skeletons. And livestock were among the most common gifts.

As there was a lack of meat, we were not able to get any pigs. In fact, that was why we acquired a lot of donkeys, which were not fit for eating.

Well, as Fendel had such few livestock, we were incredibly grateful.

Now dairy farming and poultry raising could be done on a larger scale.

Ymir continued.

“And I bought a lot of tools and plans for buildings! I cannot wait to show them to all of you!”

Aside from plans, we also purchased numerous books. They would help with education at the school.

Ecleshia nodded and said,

“And I acquired all kinds of seeds and seedlings. I look forward to planting them in Fendel.”
“I was able to see fish that I have never seen in the river. And something very interesting.”

I turned to Enna.

“Something interesting?”
“Yes. Clothes that do not become heavy when wet… Here!”

Enna pulled out a swimming suit from her pocket.

Monica looked at it and said,

“Undergarments? We got some as well.”

Now that I thought about it, Monica and the others had gone into such a store.
Enna was too young, and did not go with them.

And so I changed the subject.

“I think you mean a bathing suit. Anyway, I can make some as well.”
“I would like to wear one and swim in the sea! We didn’t get to do that last time, as we were in a hurry.”

Said Iria, and I answered with an ‘Aye.’

Regardless, it was clear that everyone was very satisfied with this expedition.

Eventually, the hidden entrance to Fendel came into view.
As there was just a forest spreading out in front of us, I only recognized it because there was someone to greet us.

Monica noticed this and raised her voice.

“Fletta! Moo!”

It was Monica’s younger sister and Moo. And behind was Moo’s father, Berdos, and other demihumans.

I stopped the carriage near Berdos, and told the others to continue into Fendel.

While Monica hugged Fletta and Moo, I talked to Berdos.

“Joshua. It’s good to see you back.”
“Aye. And we did not lose a single person. How is Fendel?”
“Nothing has changed. But they are all waiting eagerly for you.”
“I see. There is so much I want to talk about, but I suppose we should return to Fendel for now.”

And so I went back to the carriage and continued along.
Eventually, the forest opened up.

Melk muttered with emotion in her voice.

“We’re back.”
“Yes… Our homeland.”

Iria said with a nod.

In front of us now, was Fendel village. It was just as rich and peaceful as when we had left it.

And like that, we had finally come back to Fendel.

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