Seisan Mahoushi – 177

Chapter 177 – Things Became Lively!

The night of our return.
A feast was held in Fendel.

Due to the Tengus, who were in charge of communications, the village knew in advance that we would be returning today.

So they must have started preparing the food and decorations the day before. It was all very extravagant.

“Now, everyone! Drink up! we have a lot of ale brought back from the royal capital!”

Mette was in high spirits as she raised her glass.

Aside from the Grank wheat bread, there was berry juice, among other things. Our tables had really grown richer.

Berdos sat next to me and said,

“Still, I am so glad that everyone returned safely.”

I had already told Berdos about what had happened in the royal capital. About how we would start trading with the kingdom, and how the Grank mercenaries would be joining us one day.

“I’m also relieved that nothing happened in the village… If anything, it seems more lively than when we left.”

Trees and flowers had been planted along the roads and streets, and the place was more colorful.
Also, it seemed that the population had increased. That is to say…there were more children.

The Mopes in particular, had no babies previously. But now there were about ten new little Mopes.
Celes was very happy about what this meant for their tribe, and she doted on and fed the lambs, even if they were not hers.

Iria muttered next to me.

“And it will only become more lively, this village.”
“Indeed. The tigerfolk have joined us… By the way, how are Yomotsu and the others?”
“It seems like the children have started to talk to Ms. Melk.”

Iria said as she looked towards Melk, who was in her wolf form. Small foxes were jumping towards her.

“You cannot defeat Melk like that.”

Melk swiftly dodged their assaults and held them to the ground.

“Da-damn it!”

They weren’t really fighting.
Even while we camped outside, on our return journey, Melk would take the foxfolk out of their cage and grapple with them like this.
She said that she would free Yomotsu if they could beat her. It was her way of trying to get the children to open up to her.

Thanks to this, the children were no longer in low spirits. They ate meals and focused on trying to defeat Melk.

Though, they did not stand a chance against her.

“Still, Yomotsu does not respond no matter what we say to him… Mette had to force food and drink into his mouth.”
“Wouldn’t he spit it out?”
“No. Perhaps he is too weak.”
“So he doesn’t have the strength to reject it either… While we will have to continue to monitor him, perhaps we should move him from the cage, and to a house somewhere.”
“I would not object to that. I think that everyone feels bad seeing him like that.”

Some of the demihumans here had been captured by slave hunters in the past.
And so it might bring back memories.

“Very well. We will discuss it with the other demihumans and decide on what to do. Have the tigerfolk said anything?”
“They said that this is also a nice place. However, it seems like they prefer warmer climates. And so they have asked to live on the south side of the village. Somewhere close to White Sand Island.”
“I see. Since there are not many residents there, it would be good to have it more populated. I shall start building some houses tomorrow then. Also, since we have more livestock, we will need fences and… There is so much to do.”
“Yes! I will help you as well. Let us continue to expand Fendel.”
“Aye. We will build a rich place…that humans and the Demon King will not be able to defeat.”

Iria and I looked at each other and nodded.

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